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Book Review: Ascendancy (The Van Winkle Project #2) by Karri Thompson

(The Van Winkle Project #2) 
Karri Thompson 
Pub November 30th 2015 
by Entangled: TEEN 
ARC for Review 

I’ve been lied to, deceived, and manipulated—again. You’d think I’d be treated with dignity and respect. I’m the one who’s supposed to save humanity, right? I’m the one with the power to re-populate this dying world. But the clones want to control me, force me to give birth over and over again. And my daughters will face the same fate—unless I change it.

My awakening into this future should have been a chance for a new life, but it just promises a living death. With Michael on my side, though, maybe I can save us. He’s the only person I can trust.

I hear rumors of others… A secret society is growing. Tension is building.

A rebellion is imminent.

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Double Cross is the Secret Password 

I had very high expectations for this installment and Thompson doesn’t disappoint. From the very beginning we get action action and more action. These action scenes go on to the very end of the book and will keep you turning the pages. One thing I wish was a little more detailed was back story. Unfortunately I read the first installment last year and its been like over 100 books in between. In the beginning I was a little lost but regained my footing pretty quickly. I want answers gosh darn it but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

The Story, Cassie wants to help save humanity but she wants to do it on her terms. The regions are dangerous and Cassie doesn’t trust them. She has been betrayed and now she is on the run for her life. Michael is by her side and he will prove to her how deeply he loves her. Cassie is pit against a world that wants to control her and all she wants is to be safe with her girls and Michael. These two are on a mission to save their daughters while many questions go unanswered. Though these two face many perils there is something bigger going on and they will receive help along the way.

The Characters, Cassie grew much more and it was nice to see her forgive Michael for the secrets he kept. I look forward to see just how things come together for her. Her past comes back in a good way but it adds another level of conflict between Michael and Cassie. Michael is wonderful he is so innocent but in this installment he grows to become Cassie’s protector and greatest ally. I want these two to work things out because I’d like them to be together. There are other characters that provided depth to pivotal moments. There are people who are missing and I hope all of the story lines are answered and tied up nicely.

The End, with help from unlikely sources Cassie and Michael come face to face with one of their most wanted moments. I wasn’t sure these two would survive but they manage the impossible. Things aren’t all hunky dory but they are on their way to the beginning where Cassie wants to do things on her own terms. There is a lot of things going on in the background that I want to see resolved and come to light. I highly recommend this series as it is sure to entertain and keep you steadily turning the pages.

My Rating

4.5 Secret safeguard, Perilous Treachery, Missing Daughters, Kindling love and the promise of a better future love filled stars.

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About the Author 

My debut YA novel, Amateur Angel, was released May 1, 2012. The next book in that series, Hollywood Angels, comes out September 1. The first book in my upcoming dystopian trilogy, The Van Winkle Chronicles, will be released by Entangled Publishing Summer 2013.


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