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Release Tour: Quiet Lies by R.L. Griffin

Quiet Lies 
R.L. Griffin 

Published November 12th 2015 
By Author Self Pub 
ARC For Review 

I was broken before I met Sebastian Pryor, but he decimated me. I swept the ashes of myself into a pile that I kept safe for thirteen years. Believe me it wasn’t pretty, oh but people thought we were perfect. I hate myself most days. I hate that I feel for him as much as I loathe who I’ve become with him. This story is hard to hear. You know what the worst part is? You’ll see part of you in me. You’ll hate that. You won’t tell anyone.

My story is about cracks. A description or telling of how cracks in a marriage, a life, a personality, a heart and a mind begin and continue for years without anyone knowing. You don't always see what causes the fissure, but you feel it. Can you remember who you were before all of this started, before your life became a jumble of deceit, longing and regret?

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a happily ever after.

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a fun time out from their life.

This book isn’t for anyone, but me.

This is my story. I won’t apologize for it.

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Regardless of the Mind, the Heart Knows Deceptions Too Deep to Ignore 

Wow. Ouch. Yikes. Tragic. No. Flipping. Way! Man this was a wickedly well written book! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to know a character the way I’ve gotten to know Rebecca. Chills, the end gave me chills…This review is going to be a bit difficult to write because I really want to do this amazing book justice. You won’t find any spoilers coming from this little lady and with a piece as lovely as this that becomes a looming challenge. Griffin is by far one of my favorite authors. It doesn’t matter what she writes or what the mood is Griffin's writing is always set on #BeastMode. When I say this was written like a web I mean it! Any way you put it! The story goes from past to present but not in a chronological way...I LOVED THAT! The snippets of the past where given to us by Rebecca. She peeled away one layer at a time in the order she felt best told her story…I was so engrossed I couldn’t put this down. This one is sure to keep the reader up late at night and thinking about it long after the end. Griffin is so insanely talented just when you think you’ve got it all figured out the truth smacks you in the gut. No, scratch that these truths will impale you with the intensity of the emotion. These pages bled with ferocity, each sentence was a mixture between proclamation and confession that will resonate deep within your soul. Gah!!!

The Story,
I’ve already given snippets of what this story is about. Bare with me as I try to explain it without spoilers. Quiet Lies isn’t pretty, it isn’t happy, and it certainly isn’t fair. If you’re looking for a fairytale you won’t find it here. What you will find is real, truthful, gut wrenching moments that make up a woman’s life. We are taken through mistakes responded with terror and glimpses of hope that when crushed felt like terrible deceptions. This is Rebecca’s story and it just is. She is faced with many difficult decisions of which take pieces of her soul bit by bit. We walk along side her and the agony she faced daily. Now, now, don’t be scared pick this one up. I’m sure anyone who reads this will say WOW. Take it from someone who still wears hello kitty socks(ya that’s me) just because this is a dark read doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. Its dark in a way that will keep you intrigued throughout and pull at every emotion in your body. You know the happy face pain chart at the doctor’s office? Yep…Every.Single.One.

The Characters,
Where do I start?!!! Okay I’ll start with Rebecca she was an innocent loving person and the things that happened to her were so unfair. Her life was out of control before she could ever gain any control. Getting to know her character was cathartic the decisions she made were rooted in love but the outcomes ranged from disappointing to life altering. Her gentle and kind determination was admirable. She desired to be the best mother she could given her situation. Every decision, every choice, every action were all made to protect and love her son. These are the qualities of a strong woman. However, regardless of strength there is only so much of a person…when everything is taken what remains? I felt so much for her…I wanted her to back roundhouse kick so many people and yet I admired the strength it took for her not to. Her husband…Monster…everyone else…vile…Okay not everyone but I will say everyone’s hands were tied. This too was heart breaking. Rebecca did the best she could and made the best decisions her heart would allow. As people we can love but we can’t force the one’s we love to love back, or to trust.

The End,
No.NO.NO!!! Lol this is the part where I mentioned that if you’re looking for flowers and cupcakes carry on solder…you won’t find that here. There were many justices and yet many injustices. There was closure where open wounds remained. Honestly, I know Rebecca deep in the recess of her heart knew the truth all along. However, her heart would not allow the necessary actions to protect herself. There is something that happens in the end that gives the reader a sense of despair but also a soothing sense of peace. I wish I could go into more but then I would reveal too much. BRAVO Griffin…another stunning read, gripping, suspenseful, full of RAW and REAL, this is one I highly recommend.

My Rating

5.0 I knew it but didn’t want to know it! Delightfully twisted, Perfectly Damaged, Intrinsically Masterful, Rex says it all, Broken, Resigned, Determined, Accomplished, Unconditionally Committed, Painfully Betrayed, Mindfully Monstrous, Reflective Filled STARS! Gah! GET THIS NOW!!

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About the Author
R.L. Griffin lives in the Atlanta area and is surrounded by awesome dudes: her husband, son and two dogs. She went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law, but only after she fell in love with D.C. R.L. worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and wanted to stay. After law school, she worked for a bit in the area, then moved to Atlanta.  If you ask anyone who knows R.L., they know she loves reading and reads all sorts of books. Any free time she has she’s either reading, writing or drinking with friends.


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