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Release Week Blitz Spotlight & Excerpt : The Gilded Cage (Surrender, #2) by Lauren Smith

The Gilded Cage
Surrender, #2
by Lauren Smith

Release Date:
June 9, 2015

Forever Yours

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Passion that takes no prisoners, and love that tests the limits of ecstasy . . . 

Fenn Lockwood comes alive in the shadows. Though he might have physically survived the kidnapping that stole his childhood, the trauma and pain he lived through have marked him forever. Now the only place where Fenn can be himself is within the walls of his private BDSM world—a place of erotic obsession, where desire isn't just captured . . . it's bound. 

Hayden Thorne knows that behind Fenn's hardened exterior is a man worth fighting for. Yet to save him from the past that still haunts him, Hayden will have to abandon every inhibition she's ever had and venture into Fenn's intoxicatingly sensual world. Each tantalizing second she spends in Fenn's searing embrace is more delicious than the last and soon Hayden begins to think that she may never want to leave such torturous bliss . . . 

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“Hayden. Please, call me Hayden.” She tried to move past him, but the cramped confines of the trailer wouldn’t allow her to pass without fully grinding her body against his. As she did so, she had to tilt her head back. He was the same height as his twin, six foot three, easy. 

“Hayden,” he murmured, one of his hands coming to rest on her hip. His large palm squeezed her hip lightly as she wriggled, fighting off the invasive touch. She was a little ticklish. When he touched her there, she flinched as a bolt of arousal shot from the tips of her breasts down to between her thighs. 

The swift movement of her hips brought a swift change in him. His eyes darkened and his lips parted as he drew in a deep breath, his grip tightening. Fenn pressed his body to hers, pinning her against the fridge behind her. 

Trapped. She was trapped and it was the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced. Nothing at the Gilded Cuff had ever made her feel like this…flushed and all too aware of herself and his close proximity. Instinctively she tried to dart around him and escape. But there was no where to go. 

“Where are you going? I thought that’s what you wanted. A buckle bunny looking for a good hard fu—” 

Crack! She slapped him hard across his face before she could think twice, and his head whipped sideways. He didn’t move away, he only turned his face back to hers. A handprint shaped mark on his cheek. He reached up and touched the spot, the intensity of his stare burning through her. 

Wow. She was so not the violent type when she was angry, but to insinuate that she…oh yeah, slapping him was the appropriate reaction. She may go to a BDSM club frequently, she may do a few scenes with doms, but she rarely went all the way with of those men. She didn’t just sleep around like that. When she went to bed with a man, she wanted a deeper connection. For him to call her a, what was it? Buckle bunny? Red tinged her vision as she seriously considering slapping him again. 

“So that’s how you want to play?” His lips firmed into a hard line. 

As he spoke, he reached up and collared her throat, not squeezing it, but the possessive hold was fully dominant. Little flutters of excitement stirred in the pit of her belly and a shiver rippled through her. Arousal pulsed to life between her thighs at the gentle domination. She tried to retreat, but couldn’t. He must have sensed her need to resist because he leaned over her, reminding her just how much taller he was. Her whole body flashed with heat and arousal at his silent show of power. It was impossible not to imagine him in full control of her, the way he might pin her down on the bed, his muscled arms twining with hers as he held her captive beneath him. Restrained for his pleasure, and hers. He was a natural dominant. It was obvious in every sweeping gaze, the flex of his muscles, the way he looked at her as if he could not only read her mind, but glimpse her soul. Another thing he and his twin apparently had in common. Dominant, alpha male instincts. She was a submissive but she’d not yet found a dominant who could top her and make her truly want to submit. The way Fenn stared at her, like he was furious and yet aroused, and the gentle grip on her throat? What if he unleashed all of that control on her… It was enough to make her light-headed. 

“You save my life tonight, aren’t you interested in a thank you?” That devil may care grin knocked her right behind the knees. How many women had fallen prey to the smile that promised decadent endless hours of pleasure. He brushed his thumb over her chin as he studied her. His eyes held such a promise of passion that for a moment she could only contemplate what he would do with her…to her. Then she regained control of herself and reminded herself of her mission. 

“We have to talk.” She shoved at his chest, but he didn’t budge. 

“Talk honey, if you want to talk, but first I’d like to thank you, properly.” 

“You don’t need to do that—” He dipped his head and captured her mouth. 

An explosion of taste hit her head and every bone in her body melted into liquid fire. His mouth was hot and fierce as he kissed her senseless. She’d never believed any of her friends when they said a man’s kiss could do that, but here she was, swooning in the tiny space of a trailer kitchen as the long lost Lockwood twin turned her entire world on its head with one kiss. She sighed against his lips. One kiss wouldn’t hurt right? They could talk…after.

About the Author:

LAUREN DIANA SMITH was born and raised in Tulsa. She attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a B.A. in both history and political science. Drawn to paintings and museums, Lauren is obsessed with antiques and satisfies her fascination with history by writing and exploring exotic, ancient lands.

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