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Book Review: With Visions of Red (Broken Bonds #1) by Trisha Wolfe

With Visions 
of Red

Broken Bonds #1

Trisha Wolfe

May 7, 2015

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Mature Content

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GR's Summary:

Criminal profiler Sadie Bonds knows blood. Her affair with the gruesome, dark world of killers began long before she started applying her analytical skills to investigate gory crime scenes. She gets inside the killers’ heads, breaks them down, relates to them on an arcane level. She prefers it this way—because it’s safer to ally herself with the villain than the victim. At least, that’s how she’s coped ever since she was abducted and tortured as a teen. 

She will never be a victim again. 

Now, she’s honed her skills in order to bring justice to these ritualistic offenders. Working alongside her colleagues, armed with sharp wit and a SIG, Sadie always catches her sadist. Until one ruthless serial killer gets inside Sadie’s head, turning the tables. He knows her secrets. Her obsessions. The darkest, most deviant part of her soul. 

When she meets Colton Reed, dangerous stakes are raised as he threatens to unravel her control and reveal her darkest fantasies. The sexy-as-sin bondage rigger at an exclusive BDSM club pushes her boundaries, forcing her to acknowledge that side of herself she fears. Plunged into a realm of torture and suffering, pain and pleasure, Sadie balances on the razor-sharp edge of two intersecting worlds threatening to swallow her. 

Passion and lust ignite. Dark and light battle. This explosive first installment of the Broken Bonds series sets the exhilarating pace for a cat and mouse game where no one knows who’s really pulling the strings.

Lindy's Thoughts:

When I saw the book cover for Visions of Red, I was intrigued; and when I read the synopsis, I knew this was a book that I had to read.  One thing that I'd like to mention about the author, Trisha Wolfe, is that she is not restricted to writing in one genre.  She can write anything!  Whether her stories are young adult, new adult or adult, and whether they are contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, or thriller, one thing remains consistent; and that is her talent for writing a beautiful story.

With Visions of Red, takes the reader in to the minds of behavioral analyst (criminal profiler,) Sadie Bonds, and an unknown sadistic serial killer.  We get both perspectives.  The story opens up with a traumatic life altering event that took place when she was just nineteen years old.  Like the ripples of a wave, this event has molded Sadie in to the person that she has now become at age twenty-six.  Sadie attends an underground sex club called The Lair, where a variety of sexual fetishes can be fulfilled.  She enjoys voyeurism, and while there meets the enigmatic, and sexy, Colton Reed.  He introduces Sadie to bondage, and specifically, Shibari, a type of Japanese sexual bondage.

Simultaneously, Sadie is on the hunt for a serial killer, along with her partner Detective Quinn. As gruesome murders become more frequent, and the violence against the victims escalate, Sadie is in charge of getting inside of the head of the killer.  However, she soon realizes that the killer is also getting inside of her head, and trying to send her a message.

With Visions of Red was told in Ms. Wolfe's elegant signature style.  I love the way she is able to paint a picture so perfectly with her words.  Her prose are simply beautiful, and artistic.  I got a clear picture of Sadie Bonds.  She is a complex and multi-layered character, and Ms. Wolfe did an excellent job of bringing her to life.  Colton Reed is still a huge mystery.  However, I am anxious to learn more.  He is such a sexy, controlled, and dynamic character.  I couldn't help but be drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.  This story was fast-paced, full of suspense, and intrigue!  The reader is left with a cliffhanger, to-be-continued ending, and highly anticipating the next volume in the series.

My Rating:

I give, With Visions of Red, by Trisha Wolfe, 5 Aphrodisiac, Erotic Rope Play, Suspenseful, On the Edge of Your Seat, Psychopath Serial Killer Filled Stars!  I highly recommend this story for readers that love stories about criminology, victimology, profiling, forensics, complex puzzles, suspense, intrigue, and eroticism! 

Ro's Take on this Journey:

Visions of Red, (Broken Bonds#1), by Trisha Wolfe, opens to a climatic scene filled with razor sharp, grizzly tension.  The reader is drawn into the world of a psychopath, and his calculated, manipulative moves, leave the hairs on your neck and arms raising with a bone chilling effect.

Sadie Bonds was very young when she was abducted by a serial killer, coerced into a dungeon, and was exposed to the unthinkable.  Sadie thought she was going to die there, but she didn't.  Years later, after surviving, she becomes a criminal profiler.

Sadie relies on her past to catch Killers.  The thing is, no one knows that Sadie leads a double life.  She fights criminals during the day, and lives a deviant life at night, among those who enjoy the erotic and sadistic.  It is in her blood.  She has many secrets, and lives on the edge of two worlds in order to keep her sanity. The killer still lives in her head, and there is no escape. 

The fragility in the fine line of those two worlds is enough to keep her sated for a while, until she is almost undone by someone who learns of her secrets.  Who can she trust?  She doesn't know anymore, but she does know that Colton Reed, a bartender at the Lair Club, has drawn her into a spider web that she can't escape.  Colton teaches her to trust him in order to help her leave her demons behind, but is there an ulterior motive?

Ms. Wolfe's descriptions are palpable to the point that the scenes permeate the walls of your mind.  I felt, saw, inhaled, heard every single sound, movement, stench, poignant scene, in this magnificently sculpted novel of intrigue, terror, invasion, and hell. I was riveted as Ms. Wolfe brought both of Sadie's worlds to a ground breaking halt.

The demons in the very soul of Sadie are more than anyone could possibly realize.  Her multi-dimensional character seems unfathomable.  Ms. Wolfe draws her readers into every synapse of this twisted, torturous, double sided window into the darkest world they will ever fear to inhabit.  

This novel will swallow you whole.  Sadie finds the ultimate signature of her serial killer, and the reader becomes part of this twisted, crazed world, as they participate, the same as the onlooking voyeur, in this crazy world as it spirals out of control. 

Ms. Wolfe's poetic prose come to life on every page.  You will be astounded.  The only thing that was almost my undoing was the Cliffhanger!!!  AGH!  I need to know what happens next...

My Rating:

I give, Visions in Red, by Trisha Wolfe, 5 Spellbinding, Erotic, Torturous, Terror Filled Stars!!!

My Favorite Quotes:

"He wants to see my fear through the windows of my soul. Smell my sweaty skin. Taste my terror."  (eARC, Loc. 76)

"Here's a moment right before the storm.  When the sky blackens, ink-swollen clouds claw the sky, and electricity strike.  You're connected to the elements.  Your bones, flesh, your blood. Your soul. It's all linked and you'd be a part of something more powerful than yourself, and you wouldn't feel so alone or lost."  (eARC, Loc. 1419)

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About Trisha Wolfe:
From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself. Sign up for Trisha Wolfe's newsletter to get updates on future book releases and special sale events:

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  1. Well, the way you bot describe these two and how the reader is right there with the character and the thrillerish qualities has me very interested.

  2. Glad you loved this one ladies! I agree Lindy, Trisha can write any genre, she is a master!
    I was astounded too Ro, but with that ending, I am dying for more!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  3. Gotta agree with you about this author. She writes so well in any genre!

  4. Ok..I need to read this after hearing your thoughts..hello thriller!

  5. Oh my, Oh my! This one definitely makes me curious. The cover draws you in, but it being a great suspense and beautifully written book makes me very curious about it.

    Lovely review!


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