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Book Spotlight: Sweet (Contours of the Heart #3) by Tammara Webber

Contour of the Heart, #3
by Tammara Webber

Release Date:
April 27th, 2015

New Adult/
Contemporary Romance

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He's the love of her life, but he doesn't know it. She's his one moment of sacrifice in a lifetime of survival. 

He was damaged and wild, but resilient. She's always been obedient; now she's restless. 

Home for the summer between college and med school, Pearl Torres Frank knows two things: Boyce Wynn is the embodiment of everything she should run from, and everything she wants to run to. Rebellious and loud. Unconcerned with society's opinion of him. Passionate. Strong. Dangerous. 

And one more trait he hides from everyone but her: 

(A Contours of the Heart novel - can be read as a stand-alone story) 

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Lindy's Thoughts:

I have enjoyed every moment of the Contours of the Heart Series.  Easy and Breakable are two of my absolute favorite New Adult books, and I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to read more by the very talented Ms. Webber.  Sweet, was a beautiful and romantic love story.  It was realistic, heartwarming, and touched my soul.

In Sweet, we get Landon "Lucas" Maxfield's best friend, Boyce Wynn, and Pearl Torres Frank's story.  Boyce and Pearl had forged a special bond, ever since he saved her from drowning at the tender age of five.  Since then, it's like Boyce was Pearl's guardian angel.  He looked out for her throughout the years, as she also looked out for him.  They had a friendship that no one else was aware of.  Right before Pearl goes off to college, she gives herself to Boyce, but things don't work out.

Now, four years later, Pearl is about to enter graduate school to pursue her degree in Marie biology.  She was suppose to go to medical school, but Boyce gave her the courage to follow her passion.  Pearl's decision resulted in her long-time boyfriend, Mitchell, breaking up with her, and her mother, making her move out of her home.  With no place to go, Boyce offers Pearl a place to stay with him, and she accepts.  Is this the opportunity for a second chance at love?  Or, are Boyce and Pearl better of as friends?

Sweet was a very romantic story.  The characters were beautifully developed, complex, and extremely likable.  Pearl was a loyal and dedicated friend, and daughter.  She was intelligent, caring, hard-working and determined.  Boyce was a very special male character.  He had a tough childhood.  He grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, his mother abandoned him at a young age, and he lost his older brother and hero.  Yet, watching the way he treated Pearl made my heart melt.  He was so attentive, gentle, tender, loving, caring, compassionate, supportive, and yes, very sweet.

Watching Boyce and Pearl together was beautiful.  The bond they shared was strong, authentic, and priceless.  They developed an amazing friendship throughout the years, and I wanted them to get together so badly.  It was obvious how much they loved each other. The attraction, chemistry, and passion between these two was like a raging fire that continued to grow.  What an amazing book couple!

The pacing of the story was steady, and the plot kept my attention.  Pearl and Boyce has many challenges, but as long as they had one another, they were going to be okay. This was mostly a character driven story, but I still enjoyed the plot!  All of you Easy and Breakable lovers will be excited to know that we get more Lucus and Jacqueline in this segment of the series as well! 

My Rating:

I give Sweet, by Tammara Webber, 4 Heart Melting, Swoon-Worthy, "Boyce is my Book Boyfriend!" Filled Stars!  Welcome to another great addition of the Contours of the Heart Series!

Mikki's Thoughts:

The Contours of the Heart series, by Tammara Webber, has been a favorite of mine since I read Easy. I fell in love with her writing style and unforgettable characters. Jacqueline and Lucas are still in my top favorite couple. I read Easy a couple of years ago, but they still hold a piece of my heart. We get a glimpse of Pearl and Boyce in Breakable, which is the second book in this series. When I found out that they were getting their own book, I was pretty exited! 

Boyce has been protecting Pearl since she can remember. From the moment he saved her from drowning, when she was just five years old, Boyce always had a piece of her heart. He’s her guardian angel, a best friend and her adolescent crush. When she makes the decision to drop from med school, Pearls feels the pressure of her family and friends about her drastic decision. The only person that understands her is Boyce. When she heads home for the summer, she had no clue that Boyce would be the one saving her once again. The moments that they share together are like a breath of fresh air and a new beginning to a journey she has always wanted. Will Boyce feel the same way and give their love a chance? 

This was an enjoyable and sweet reading escape! I really liked the chemistry between Pearl and Boyce. Their friendship was amazing and the way Boyce protected and loved Pearl was simply heart-melting! Boyce was such a fantastic character! I loved how he changed his life around. His life as not been easy with a father that was abusive, a non-existent mom and a brother that died way too young. He deserves all the good things that are happening in his life and most of all he deserves Pearl’s love. Nobody understands her like he does. 

Pearl was an awesome characters as well. I really loved how she put her foot down and make a decision that was good for her. She had a lot of pressure from her mom to go to med school, but what she’s really interested in is marine science. That is what makes her happy and what she wants for herself. Their relationship goes through some ups and downs, but their love they have for each other gives them strength to fight all these obstacles. 

I really liked the flow of the story, but I have to admit that the flashbacks from both Boyce and Pearl’s POV slowed things down a few times. Nonetheless, it was a great romance that kept me turning the pages. The writing style is fantastic, the characters are lovable and the story will keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end! You don’t need to read Easy and Breakable to follow Sweet, but I highly recommend you do because you don’t want to miss Jacqueline and Lucas. Those two have a breathtaking love story that every book lover needs to discover. 

My Rating:

I give Sweet, by Tammara Webber, 4 heart-melting, romantic, wonderful, captivating stars!

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About the Author
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of EASY and BREAKABLE (Contours of the Heart series - NA), as well BETWEEN THE LINES, WHERE YOU ARE, GOOD FOR YOU and HERE WITHOUT YOU (Between the Lines series - YA/NA). 

I'm a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life. Before writing full-time, I was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon. I married my high school sweetheart, and I'm Mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.


  1. I don't remember her from the story, but I do remember Boyce and wishing he got his own story. So cool that he did and that its a good one. Childhood sweethearts, small town, second chance- all good stuff.

  2. Definitely heart warming and romantic! Love this book. Great reviews.

  3. Well I loved Easy and apparently it looks like I am missing guess who will be playing catch up!


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