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Release Blitz & Book Review: Twisted Betrayal (Rydeville High Elite #2) by Siobhan Davis

Twisted Betrayal 
Rydeville High Elite #2

Siobhan Davis

Release Date:
August 20, 2019

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Explicit Physical/Sexual Abuse
Mature Content 18+

Book Synopsis:

He thinks he’s broken me. That I’m finally under his complete control. But I’m biding my time, gathering intel, making plans, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. So, when an unexpected savior appears—offering me a way out—I grasp it with both hands. 

But the man I love refuses to let me go, and he’s hell-bent on protecting me at all costs.

Except he’s far too late.

Kaiden’s betrayal fuels the anger flowing through my veins, and now our roles are reversed—I’m the hunter, and he’s my prey. I enjoy torturing him, lying to him, and letting him believe in false truths that were never our reality.

Until the stakes are raised, and I’m forced into playing their game again. Only this time, it’s not just my life hanging in the balance.

I thought he’d done his worst. That he didn’t have the power to hurt me anymore.

But I was wrong.

His depravity knows no bounds, and now, he’s taken everything from me.

This time, it means war, and I’m taking no prisoners.

Start the Series with Cruel Intentions!

My Thoughts:

Twisted Betrayal was a phenomenal sequel to Cruel Intentions!  There are no words to describe how addictive and spellbinding this series is!!!  The world of the "Old Elite," those that come from old money and have endless power at their fingertips is dark, perverse, twisted, sickening, maddening, and depraved.  

I don't think I've ever hated a book villain more than Abigail's father.  The man is evil incarnate, and his dark presence continued to come to life, as we learned more about the way his sick mind works, and all of the horrible things he's willing to do to his children and anyone else in his life; that can stand in the way of his accumulating more power and status.

Our main character, Abigail is such a strong female lead.  No matter what happens to her, she will not be broken!  Everyone in her life that is important to her has deceived her in one way or another, with the excuse of "protecting her."  I admired her strength, loyalty, determination, and resilience.

The relationship she had with Kaiden was complex and complicated, but there could be no denying the extreme love and passion that they shared with one another.  It melted my heart and made me weak in the knees.  

I loved Kaiden's brother's Rick, Joaquin, and Harley, as well as his best friends Sawyer and Jackson.  This series has such a stellar secondary cast of characters.  They each have their unique personalities and I enjoyed their page time as well as that of Abigail's twin brother, Drew and best friend Xavier.

Siobhan Davis really knows how to bring her characters to life.  She breathes life in to them, and gives them layers.  They are imperfect, real, and I could see them in my mind perfectly. The plot was riveting and full of twists; some of which I predicted, and other's which caught me by complete surprise.  

From the moment this story landed on my kindle, I didn't want to stop reading.  As a matter of fact. I read until my eyes couldn't stay open because I was exhausted.  Nothing could tear me away from this story, except for responsibilities that I had no choice but to attend to.  Even then, I was distracted thinking about the story, and counting down the minutes until I could return to my book.  This series is dark romance at its best!  I don't know how I'm going to wait until October for the last installment in this series.  Twisted Betrayal had such a crazy cliffhanger ending, that managed to top the ending in the first book!  I would have never guessed that was possible!

If you enjoy stories filled with drama, lies, deceit, seduction, power struggles, and aren't triggered by violence, and sexual assault and depravity, than this is a series that you don't want to miss out on! 

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult romantic fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She is the author of the international bestselling Kennedy Boys, Saven, and True Calling series’. 

Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing, and they aren’t wrong. She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle, a paperback book, or her laptop somewhere close at hand. 

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management. 

She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons. 

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  1. I was intrigued when I read your review of the first book. But, now, with the ongoing story and the well drawn characters even a great villain, I can see that its holding strong. Great review, Lindy!

    1. It is! I can't wait for the last book :) Thanks Sophia!

  2. WOW! You really, really couldn't put this down. hahaha I love when a book does that to me too. ❤️❤️❤️ It's sad that its their dad that was the villain and made the book so dark. But it sounds like they have to triumph in the end!?!

    1. I hope so! There's one more book, but even if they triumph, they've already lost so much :(


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