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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

The Book Charmer

Karen Hawkins 

On Sale:
July 30, 2019

Book Synopsis:

Sarah Dove is no ordinary bookworm. To her, books have always been more than just objects: they live, they breathe, and sometimes they even speak. When Sarah grows up to become the librarian in her quaint Southern town of Dove Pond, her gift helps place every book in the hands of the perfect reader. Recently, however, the books have been whispering about something out of the ordinary: the arrival of a displaced city girl named Grace Wheeler. 

If the books are right, Grace could be the savior that Dove Pond desperately needs. The problem is, Grace wants little to do with the town or its quirky residents—Sarah chief among them. It takes a bit of urging, and the help of an especially wise book, but Grace ultimately embraces the challenge to rescue her charmed new community. In her quest, she discovers the tantalizing promise of new love, the deep strength that comes from having a true friend, and the power of finding just the right book.

Book Excerpt:
     Sarah crossed her arms and leaned on the case, peering through the dim light at the journal. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a question.” 
     The book grumbled, but she couldn’t make out the words, so she continued. “There’s a new woman in town and I think she’s a sign that Dove Pond is about to be saved.” 
     The book said something under its breath. 
     “What?” Sarah asked. 
     I’m not your personal seer, the book snapped. 
     “Look, I just want to know how she’s going to help. That’s your job, isn’t it? To explain how I’m going to meet my destiny? How I’m supposed to save the town?” 
     The book didn’t answer, and after a moment, Sarah tapped her finger on the glass. 
     The book jolted as if awakened. 
     “Her name is Grace Wheeler.” 
      The book said in a sharp tone, Ask another book! I’m sleeping. 
     Sarah had to fight not to snap out something unpleasant. “Come on,” she pleaded. “This is about Dove Pond, and that’s what you’re about. No other book here would know.” 
     That’s true, the book said grumpily. It sighed and then rustled, as if searching for an answer. 
     Sarah tried to contain her excitement. She tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear, and, as the minutes lengthened, jiggled her foot impatiently under the case. 
     Finally, she could stand it no more. Just as she opened her mouth to ask her question again, the book spoke. 
     She’s the one. 
     Yes! There it was. Confirmation at last. “I knew she was important! But what will she do? I know she’s here to help me, but how?” 
     You’ll know. 
     The book’s flat tone suggested that was all the help it was willing to give. She bit back a frustrated sigh and said, “Come on. Just explain what you mean by that and I’ll leave you alone.” 
     She supposed she was lucky it had taken the time to say what it had. “Fine. I’ll make it work. It’s not ideal, having an assistant, because I always thought I’d be the one to do all the work when the time came, but hey, I’ve never been one to turn down help, so—yes. This will be great. But I hope she hurries and does whatever she’s supposed to do, because she’s not planning on staying long.” 
     The book, which had been drifting back asleep as she spoke, suddenly focused its attention on her. What? 
     “I spoke to her not five minutes ago and she says she’ll be here a year, if that, and no more.” 
     She has to stay.
     “Has to? Like . . . forever?” 
     Yes, forever. The book couldn’t have sounded more irritated. 
     “But why? I mean, once she’s helped the town, she can leave, because I’ll still be here.” 
     She has to stay forever. 
     Sarah gave an uneasy laugh. “I wish she would, because I’m sure she’s nice once you get to know her, but I can’t just make someone stay in Dove Pond who doesn’t want to. I couldn’t even get my sisters to stay, and I know them.” 
     She. Has. To. Stay. The book hissed each word, punctuating them as if with a hammer. 
     Sarah grimaced. “That’s not going to be easy.” 
     The book didn’t answer but muttered about “silly people” as it settled deeper into its cushion. Soon, the only noise coming from it was a faint snore, and Sarah knew it was done for the day.

About the Author:

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Karen Hawkins writes novels that have been praised as touching, witty, charming, and heartwarming. A native Southerner who grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee where storytelling is a way of life, Karen recently moved to frosty New England with her beloved husband and multiple foster dogs. The Dove Pond series is a nod to the thousands of books that opened doors for her to more adventures, places, and discoveries than she ever imagined possible. To find out more about Karen, check in with her at, @KarenHawkinsAuthor on Instagram, and at her website,


  1. I think I've read and enjoyed her before. Thanks for the chance to win a copy xo

  2. This is such a cool concept! Really liked the excerpt!

    1. I thought the same thing Teresa-unique and cool concept!

  3. Sounds like a great read. Love the cover.

  4. I like the cover. It sounds like a charming read but I'm not sure it's something I'd personally go for. :)

  5. Oh, this one sounds sweet. Love that she possesses magic when it comes to books.

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  7. This sounds like a sweet, small town read! I like that there's a bit of magic to it. :)

  8. i love books about books, readers, authors and libraries. this sounds great
    sherry @ fundinmental

  9. Awwww this sounds enchanting!! I love the talking grumpy book... and saving others through books is a really neat idea. I can't wait to hear what you think of it too Lindy. ❤️

    1. I love the magical aspect regarding books as well Dani!

  10. I love the idea of conversing with books.


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