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Waiting on Wednesday (80)

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These Witches Don't Burn
These Witches Don't Burn #1
By: Isabel Sterling
Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: May 28, 2019

Book Synopsis:

"Infused with page-turning suspense, bittersweet romance, shocking twists, and tragic turns, Sterling has written a standout debut." --Dana Mele, author of People Like Us 

Hannah's a witch, but not the kind you're thinking of. She's the real deal, an Elemental with the power to control fire, earth, water, and air. But even though she lives in Salem, Massachusetts, her magic is a secret she has to keep to herself. If she's ever caught using it in front of a Reg (read: non-witch), she could lose it. For good. So, Hannah spends most of her time avoiding her ex-girlfriend (and fellow Elemental Witch) Veronica, hanging out with her best friend, and working at the Fly By Night Cauldron selling candles and crystals to tourists, goths, and local Wiccans. 

But dealing with her ex is the least of Hannah's concerns when a terrifying blood ritual interrupts the end-of-school-year bonfire. Evidence of dark magic begins to appear all over Salem, and Hannah's sure it's the work of a deadly Blood Witch. The issue is, her coven is less than convinced, forcing Hannah to team up with the last person she wants to see: Veronica. 

While the pair attempt to smoke out the Blood Witch at a house party, Hannah meets Morgan, a cute new ballerina in town. But trying to date amid a supernatural crisis is easier said than done, and Hannah will have to test the limits of her power if she's going to save her coven and get the girl, especially when the attacks on Salem's witches become deadlier by the day. 

Isabel Sterling's delightful, suspenseful debut is equal parts sweet romance and thrilling mystery. With everything she loves on the line, Hannah must confront this murderous villain before her coven--and any chance she has with the new girl--is destroyed.

Why I'm Eagerly Waiting:

I love stories about witches, and lately I've been on the hunt for some witch books!  These Witches Don't Burn sounds  like it will be a magical and fun reading adventure!

What Are You Waiting On?


  1. I love stories about witches too! The title alone has me wanting to read this one. It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you love it when you rad it. I am adding it to my wish list!

  2. I love stories about witches and Salem in particular. This sounds pretty good. I'm looking forward to it now too. Hope we both enjoy it!

  3. It does sound fun! And I love the cover with the tarot cards, crystals, etc. I'll look forward to your review on it.

  4. Oh yeah.. i like witchy books too, This sounds good!

  5. This one pretty much had me at witch. I've been seeing it around a lot too.

  6. This sounds like fun! Great pick! :)

  7. I am really looking forward to this one as well. I love witchy books.

  8. The description does have a nice wry humor to it and the witch in Salem thing sounds great.

  9. everything about it looks good to me. hope you enjoy it.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  10. Oooh! I love the cover of this book!!! Great pick!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  11. Yep. I want to read this too. All I needed to know was that there were witches.

  12. Oh witches totally rule, and a mystery and an interesting triangle to boot? Yes, I want to see where this goes!

  13. I do a Halloween theme every year in October on my blog, and this year is witches, so this book would be perfect. Thanks for the heads up. 👍✨

  14. Oh my goodness this sounds like a fun read. I hadn't heard of this one before or this author. I hope you enjoy this one when it comes out. I like that it's a F/F story!

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews


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