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Book Review: Kill Switch (Devil's Night #3) by Penelope Douglas

Kill Switch
Devil's Night #3

Penelope Douglas

Feb. 9, 2019

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Erotica 18+

Book Synopsis:

"I've done far worse than what I went to prison for. She has no idea how bad this can get."


Sending him to prison was the worst thing I could've done. It didn't matter that he did the crime or that I wished he was dead. Perhaps I thought I'd have time to disappear before he got out or he'd cool off in jail and be anything but the horror he was. 

But I was wrong. Three years came and went too fast, and now he's anything but calm. Prison only gave him time to plan. 

And while I anticipated his vengeance, I didn't expect this. 

He doesn't want to make me hurt. He wants to make everything hurt. 


First thing's first. Get rid of her daddy. He told them I forced her. He told them his little girl was a victim, but I was a kid, too, and she wanted it just as much as I did. 

Step two... Give her, her sister, and her mother nowhere to run and no fuel to escape. The Ashby women are alone now and desperate for a knight in shining armor. 

But that's not what's coming. 

No, it's time I listened to my father and took control of my future. It's time I showed them all--my family, her family, my friends--that I will never change and that I have no other ambition than to be the nightmare of their lives. 

Starting with her. 

She'll be so scared, she won't even be safe in her own head by the time I'm done with her. And the best part is I won't have to break into her home to do it. 

As the new man of the house I have all the keys. 

*Kill Switch is a romantic suspense suitable for readers 18+. It is advised to read Corrupt (Devil's Night #1) and Hideaway (Devil's Night #2) prior to reading this book. Both are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Lindy's Thoughts:

Kill Switch is the third book in the Devil's Night Series.  Each story in this series includes the "Four Horseman," (Michael, Kai, Damon and Will;) has a large plot that includes these central characters, and a smaller plot that focuses on one of the horseman and the woman that he has a love/hate obsession with.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read these books in order, so that you are not lost.

Kill Switch is Damon and Winter's story.  These two character's have a long, dark and fascinating history with one another.  They met when she was just eight and he was eleven years old.  Throughout the years, interest, fascination, attraction, and temptation, have turned in to obsession, seduction, and rage; due to a variety of circumstances that were out of their control for the most part.

Damon is the most twisted and disturbing of the four horseman.  However, we learn the reasons behind his dark ways.  Little by little, we see a softer side and vulnerability that Winter soley brings out in Damon.  I thought it was great how Ms. Douglas gave Damon's character so many complex layers.  It added dimension and made his character interesting and realistic.  I loved how loyal, protective, and devoted he was to those he cared about.  With Winter, we see her strength, perseverance, resilience, and gutsiness.  She can be vulnerable, as well as feisty.  She doesn't let anyone run all over her, and that was a huge part of her appeal to Damon.  I loved her character!

The plot of Kill Switch was slow-paced in certain areas, and fast-paced in others.  I especially loved the ending, and all of the exciting and unexpected plot twists!  The story delivered a variety of different elements.  There were parts that were sexy, as well as suspenseful, and emotional, which added to the ebb and flow of the story.  A word of caution, this story is written for mature audiences and has dark and explicit erotic elements.  This is not a "vanilla," romance, so if that is not your "thing," then this story is not for you.

It was wonderful being reunited with all of the characters from the previous books in the series, and I am really looking forward to getting Will's story next.  The teaser for his story had me dying to get my hands on it right now!!!  The Devil's Night Series is unique and unlike anything I've ever read before.  I have enjoyed all of these books immensely, and am a total fan girl for everything written by Penelope Douglas!

Mikki's Review:

The Horseman are backkkkk!!! Kill Switch was my most anticipated book of 2019 and it did not disappoint! Penelope Douglas always finds a way to transport me into a world I never want to leave. I am absolutely in love with her writing style. The beauty about her stories is that no matter how many times you read them, you always end up falling in love with her words and characters all over again. 

Kill Switch is the third book in the Devil's Night Series. You need to read Corrupt and Hideaway to follow Damon's journey. He's kind of complicated and addictive so you need to find out all the things he did before reading his book. I love that every book is a puzzle to this intoxicating world of Devil's Night.

In this book we follow Winter and Damon. Their story is intense and passionate. The baddest Horseman is about to meet his match. There is a thin line between love and hate and these two are about to cross it. Be ready for a reading journey filled with shocking revelations and unexpected twists and turns. 

Damon's book exceeded all of my expectations. I was expecting this story to grab me from beginning to end and it did not disappoint! I already knew I was going to love Winter since all of Pen's heroines have a special place in my heart. I really loved how she pushed all of Damon's buttons. She made him step out of his comfort zone and I saw a side of him I did not expect. I was really surprised by his actions and how he changed during this journey. It was amazing to see all of the other characters and the role that they each have in this saga. I can't wait to reunite with all of them again.

Penelope Douglas saved the most intriguing Horseman for last. Will is still an enigma to me and I can't wait to read his story. The little sneak peek we got at the end of Kill Switch totally made my heart race. These stories keep on getting more intense and all-consuming. Kill Switch was a page-turning reading journey that left me wanting more! If you have not met the Four Horseman, you are seriously missing out! The bad boys of Devil's Night will rock your world!


About the Author:

Penelope Douglas is a full-time writer living in Las Vegas with her husband and their daughter. When she's not writing or reading, she loves road-tripping, touring retired, old ships, and pinning anything not nailed down. 

Her books include the Fall Away series (Bully, Until You, Rival, Falling Away, Aflame, and Next to Never) and the Devil's Night series (Corrupt and Hideaway (and Kill Switch and Nightfall--not yet released). Please look for her stand-alones Misconduct and Punk 57. Available now.  

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