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Release Blitz : Set Us Free (Bound Forever, #2) by MR Leahy @AuthorMRLeahy @LWoodsPR

Set Us Free
Bound Forever, #2
by M.R. Leahy

Release Date:
May 23rd, 2017

Dark Romance

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For Emmalyn and Kodah being set free meant living in the real world away from the clutches of her step-father. It meant living a life they always dreamed about together. 

But it’s never that easy, is it? 

Life is cruel and untamed. 

And not everything in their past can be forgotten. Nor is it as settled as they hoped. 

With their new-found freedom comes challenges no one should ever face. Separated by memory but together at heart Emmy and Kodah must find their way back to each other so they can finally live their happily ever after. 

So they can once and for all be set free.

Bound Forever Series on Goodreads:

RAW, GRITTY, DARK, INTENSE, SEXY, HOT, SICK, TWISTED everything all dark gritty lovers need/crave/want/seek this author delivered those feels time and time again!!" - Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books

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Set Me Free (Book, #1)

Set Us Free (Book, #2)
Amazon → http://amzn.to/2qXBsxu 
Nook → http://bit.ly/2qA8C64
iBooks → http://apple.co/2pGuys4 
Kobo → http://bit.ly/2r1BFPR 

Review of Set Me Free:

M.R. Leahy is a new author in book town. I'm so grateful to have book sisters that have their bookworm radar on and find fantastic new authors, books, series to fall in love with. The Bound Forever Series is one series you want to add to your TBR list if you are a fan of dark romance that delivers all the feels! 

I won't go into the details of Emmalyn and Kodah's journey because I want each reader to have the same reading experience I did. A reading journey filled with beautiful, poignant moments that will leave you gasping for air! This story is very difficult to read. Emmalyn and Kodah are sex slaves and the things that they go through in that dark and twisted place will forever haunt them. Their friendship turned to love is what sets them free from their demons. The only moments of peace that they find is when they are in each other's arms.

This story made my heart twist and melt all at once. It has many dark moments, but tender ones as well. Kodah is a strong and protective hero. His love for Emmalyn is so breathtaking! Emmalyn is a fierce heroine that I admire. She's the kind of heroine I love to cheer for and I wanted her to find peace and love in the arms of the boy that shared the same fate as her.

M.R. Leahy is without a doubt on my auto-read list. Her debut novel as left me speechless and wanting more! Her characters are unforgettable and her writing style is mesmerizing. I was lucky to have book two in my hands when I finished reading Set Me Free. That cliffhanger at the end made me forget about the life around me and I did not eat or sleep until I knew what was going to happen next. This is one series you do not want to miss! 


I give, Set Me Free, by M.R. Leahy, 4.5 powerful, page-turning, heart-racing, unforgettable stars!

Review of Set Us Free:

Gah!!!!! I can't even deal with all my emotions!!! Set Us Free was EPIC!!! It was everything I wanted it to be and more!

The second installment of the Bound Forever Series, by M.R. Leahy, is more twisted and dark than the first one. I expected the demons from Emmalyn and Kodah's pasts to show up, but I never expect them to come knocking on the door with such evilness.  I don't want to spoil book one for people who have not read it yet by telling you what happens in book two. What I will tell you is that Emmalyn and Kodah's love story takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions that will leave you at the edge of your seat! 

Kodah's love is like a security blanket to Emmalyn's broken soul. With each new moment that they share, their love grows stronger and more beautiful than ever. I can't even begin to tell you how many times my heart melted for these two characters. Their love story is one that was born in the darkest moments of their lives, but it bloomed into such a powerful and intense love that nobody can break.

I read this series back-to-back and now I have the biggest book hangover!! I already miss Emmalyn and Kodah and I can't wait for the next installment to release! M.R. Leahy  is on my bookworm radar and I'm not letting her go! I have no doubt that she has many fantastic stories that are creating a chaos in her writing cave. I really hope she gives each and every one of those characters a story as unforgettable as Emmalyn and Kodah's epic love story. This series is going in my Top 2017 Reads list. It was absolutely CRAZY AMAZING!


I give, Set Us Free, by M.R. Leahy, 5 all-consuming, mesmerizing, dark, intense stars!


About the Author:

M.R. Leahy was born in Amarillo, TX, where she was briefly raised before moving to a small Island in the middle of the Puget Sound called Whidbey Island. Growing up she lived with her mom and younger sister and a few cousins scattered close by. 

As soon as she could, M.R. Leahy left the small island to get a feel for what the world had in store. After jumping around a few places, she landed in beautiful Wilmington, NC where she not only met the love of her life but became pregnant with her first child. Not long after finding out about the life they created they married and moved to San Diego, CA so they could be closer to family and start the beginning to their forever. 

M.R. Leahy now has two beautiful boys and is living life to the fullest, not taking anything for granted. She now spends her time being a stay at home mom. When she's not making lunches and kissing booboos, you can find her nose deep in a book getting lost in the many different worlds authors provide, or writing and creating different stories of her own. 

M.R. Leahy writes dark romances but also has her hands in contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her possibilities are endless.

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