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Book Review: Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

Shacking Up

Helena Hunting

Release Date:
May 30, 2017

St. Martin's Press (Swerve)

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GR's Summary:

Ruby Scott is months behind on rent and can’t seem to land a steady job. She has one chance to turn things around with a big audition. But instead of getting her big break, she gets sick as a dog and completely bombs it in the most humiliating fashion. All thanks to a mysterious, gorgeous guy who kissed—and then coughed on—her at a party the night before. 

Luckily, her best friend might have found the perfect opportunity; a job staying at the lavish penthouse apartment of hotel magnate Bancroft Mills while he’s out of town, taking care of his exotic pets. But when the newly-evicted Ruby arrives to meet her new employer, it turns out Bane is the same guy who got her sick. 

Seeing his role in Ruby’s dilemma, Bane offers her a permanent job as his live-in pet sitter until she can get back on her feet. Filled with hilariously awkward encounters and enough sexual tension to heat a New York City block, Shacking Up, from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting, is sure to keep you laughing and swooning all night long.

My Thoughts:

Shacking Up, a standalone novel by Helena Hunting, was steamy and hilarious!  I appreciate Ms. Hunting's use of innuendo, and witty ability when it comes to word play.  She has a fun and bawdy sense of humor, and I would recommend her stories to fans of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase.  She has a similar story telling style.

In Shacking Up, main character, Ruby Scott is having a difficult time.  She comes from a wealthy family.  Her father owns a successful and lucrative pharmaceutical company, and wants her to work for him, alongside her siblings.  However, Ruby has dreams of singing, dancing, and acting on broadway.  She has tirelessly auditioned, but is not having much luck in landing a role, even in an off-broadway production.

Rudy wants to prove to her father that she can make it on her own.  However, she is falling behind on all of her bills, and needs to land a part quickly.  The night before an important audition, Ruby attends her best friend, Amalie's engagement party; and get's kissed by a gorgeous stranger that is sick with the flu.  This costs Ruby the audition.  She also has no place to live now, because her father has stopped contributing to her rent in a power play, to get her to come home and work for his company.

However, Amalie, has a plan to help out Ruby.  She sets up an introduction with her fiancĂ©'s cousin, Bancroft, "Bane" Mills, who needs a pet-sitter, while he goes away for an extended business trip.  Ruby is shocked when she recognizes Bane as the handsome stranger who kissed her and cost her an audition.  Feeling guilty for his part in Ruby's current circumstance, Bane compensates Ruby with a temporary place to live, food to eat, and a generous wage to take care of his beloved pets.

As Ruby and Bane interact with one another the sexual tension heats up.  Their attraction to one another is scorching hot, and their interactions are filled with flirting, teasing, and sexual tension.  As they video chat daily, they find themselves fantasizing about one another, and caring about each other on a deeper level.  What will happen, when Bane returns from his trip?

I loved seeing their relationship grow richer and gaining more substance to it.  However, it was  mostly filled with a ton of light moments, awkward hilarious interactions, jealous possessive moments, and top-notch swoons!

Shacking Up was such a fun, light-hearted, feel good romance!  I recommend it if you're in the mood for a lot of laughs, sighs, and blushes!!!  

My Rating:

I give, Shacking Up, by Helena Hunting, 4.5 Naughty, Outrageous, Belly Laugh Filled Stars!!!

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About Helena Hunting:

NTY and USA Today Bestselling author of The PUCKED Series, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from contemporary romance to romance comedy, sports romance and angsty new adult romance.

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