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Book Review: With Ties that Bind: A Broken Bonds Novel, Book Two by Trisha Wolfe

With Ties that Bind
Broken Bonds #2


Trisha Wolfe


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GR's Summary:

A new threat has descended upon Arlington, and lead medical examiner Avery Johnson is in its sights, being targeted by the city’s latest serial killing menace known to the public as the Alpha Killer. 

Whether urban legend or reality, the Alpha feeds into the media craze, orchestrating a killing spree to stamp out all rivals. And when Avery’s tangled web of deception pulls her further into to Alpha’s sadistic game, there’s only one thing she fears more: losing Quinn. With just as many secrets to guard as the elusive crime lord, Avery’s time is running out to reveal the truth to Quinn, the stubborn, by-the-book detective bent on protecting her at all costs. 

As a lead takes the ACPD task force deep into the bowels of a corrupt law firm, the discovery of a vast criminal network with far-reaching connections threatens to unmask many players. How deep does the corruption go? How far does the Alpha’s reach extend? While the team races to catch a killer, Detective Quinn is faced with an impossible choice. Will he betray the woman he’s fallen for, or seek his own vengeance outside of the law?

Broken Bonds Series:

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My Thoughts:

The Broken Bonds Books have been climatic, exhilarating, and suspenseful!  These books are my absolute favorite in the thriller/suspense genre.  The puzzles that Ms. Wolfe weaves are nothing short of genius.  She knows how to hook her readers and get them invested in the plot.  I have loved reading every characters viewpoint, from the lead detective, to the forensics specialist, to the profiler, and most of all the killer's.  CSI and Law and Order SVU are two of my favorite television programs, and when I am reading one of Ms. Wolfe's books, I feel like I too am in the middle of an intense, investigation!

As I began, With Ties that Bind, Book 2, I found the beginning of the story to be a lot slower paced than previous books.  However, I knew Ms. Wolfe would not let me down.  She never does!  At the fifty percent mark, the story took completely off, and I was riveted.  Holding my breath, biting my nails, and talking to my kindle; I was beyond hooked!

Book Two picks up right where the last book ended.  These books need to be read in sequential order, or you will be completely lost.  Detective Ethan "Quinn" and his team continue to hunt for the sadistic serial killer known as "The Alpha."  Quinn is in love with Lead Medical Examiner, Avery Johnson, and is determined to keep her safe.  She is a prime target for The Alpha, and has already been captured, victimized, and rescued twice.  Unfortunately, The Alpha is an extremely intelligent sociopath, who always seems to be many steps ahead of Detective Quinn and his team.

We also get Detective Quinn's partner, Agent and Criminal Profiler, Sadie Bonds, and her love interest Colton Reed, who were in the With Visions of Red Series.  This gives the reader a cast of interesting, well-fleshed out characters, that add to the allure and depth to the story.  They were the main characters in the previous series, and it is always like being reunited with good friends, when I get to read about them.

Questions of morality and ethics, add to the appeal of the plot.  Detective Quinn has always lead his life and career by a strict moral code.  He believes in the process of the justice system.  However, with his deep love for Avery, and need to keep her safe and protected; he finds himself questioning his moral code.  He struggles deeply when he learns certain information about his team, and this changes the way he looks at a couple of them.  Plus, he begins to question himself, which causes a great amount of distress and self-loathing.   I felt badly for Detective Quinn, and even began questioning what I would do in his situation.

Lead Medical Examiner Avery Johnson has done some things that she is not proud of.  She suffers from feelings of guilt and shame.  Avery is determined to capture "The Alpha," and rescue the girls he is abducting, torturing, and trafficking, before they end up being added to his list of gruesome murder victims.  Along the way, she finds herself falling more and more in love with Quinn, but doesn't feel worthy of him.  She struggles with coming clean to him about her secrets.

The With Visions of Red and Broken Bonds spin-off books are must reads!  They are phenomenal!  I always recommend them to book lovers that have a passion for suspenseful thrillers, forensics, and criminology!  I can't believe there is only one book left in this series.  I have to see how it all comes to an end.  I'm dying to know who "The Alpha" is, and just know it's going to be a familiar character that I don't suspect!      

My Rating:

I give, With Ties that Bind: A Broken Bonds Novel, Book 2, By Trisha Wolfe, 4.5 Masterful, Complex Puzzle, Questioning, On the Edge of Your Seat Filled Stars!  Trust me, you need to read these books!!! 

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About Trisha Wolfe:

From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself. 

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