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Book Review : Remi's Choice (The De Luca Boys, #1) by Amanda Wylde

Remi's Choice
The De Luca Boys, #1
by Amanda Wylde

Release Date:
June 10th, 2016

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Sinfully sexy Travis De Luca came into Remi's life when she was young, inexperienced, and easily dazzled. With his scandalous words and wickedly sexy grins, he possessed a power no one should have over another. He was a foul mouthed, trouble-making thug to everyone else, but she'd witnessed the vulnerable side he hid so well. After one earth- shattering experience and his declaration of love, her body and soul were hooked. 

When Travis is sent away without warning, Kristiano De Luca —his equally sexy cousin—comes into Remi's life as a friend when she needs one most. After years with no word and waiting for Travis to come back, she loses hope, and the friendship she's built with Kris grows into something beautiful that fills the void Travis left behind. 

But a surprise return from Travis and one passionate night with him throw all their lives into chaos, and nothing will ever be the same again. 

Author's note to reader: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Remi's Choice is a full length stand alone with an HEA. Imagine two heroes with your all time favorite qualities. Hot, bad boy, tattoos, dirty mouths, hot head alpha to a fault and possessive as ALL hell. Both going for the same girl!

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My Thoughts:

Remi's Choice is the first book in The De Luca Boys Series, and can be read as a standalone.  It is the story of Remilynn "Remi," Travis De Luca and Kristiano "Kris" De Luca, told from all three of their view points.

Remi lives down the street from Travis De Luca.  His mother often calls Remi to babysit Travis' two younger brothers.  He enjoys flirting and teasing Remi incessantly, and while he is only a sophomore and she is a senior in high school, she finds herself crushing on him.  When these two finally hook up, it is obvious that they are passionate about one another.  However, Travis is forced to move away and live with his father, and even though Remi repeatedly reaches out to him, he never returns her calls or texts.

Then Travis' aunt and her two children move in with Travis' mother. Kris looks like an older version of Travis, and even though she tries to stay away from him, he makes it impossible with his sweet, patient, kind, and sexy ways.  Eventually they end up in a relationship, and Travis returns.  He never stopped loving Remi, and wants her to leave Kris for him.  Travis was Remi's first love, but she never stopped thinking of him.  Now she's fallen for Kris and couldn't imagine hurting him.  Unfortunately, Remi is going to have to make a very difficult choice....

Remi's Choice was extremely fast-paced, and addictive reading.  I enjoyed the plot, and fell in love with Kris.  He was an amazing character!  I love a man in uniform, and Kris was in law enforcement.  He was sexy, sweet, loyal, loving and devoted.  Travis irritated me.  I thought he was selfish, brash, arrogant, self-entitled and egocentric.  I felt for Remi's situation, but thought that she could have handled everything a lot better.

The sex scenes in this story were explicit, and very sensual!  I was dying to see how everything played out, and read this book in one sitting! 

My Rating:

I give, Remi's Choice, by Amanda Wylde, 4 Forbidden Love Triangle, Erotic, Temptation Filled Stars!  I am looking forward to the sequel, Forbidden Summer, which is due to come out in 2017!!!  If you are looking for a page-turning, sexy, romp of a read, look no further!


When I decided to pick up Remi's Choice to read, I knew that I had to step out of my comfort zone. When I see the word love triangle included in a review or the blurb, I run away from the books as quickly as I can. I know that a person can love two people at the same time, but never at the same intensity. There is always that one person that makes your heart beat faster. The one person you would do the craziest of things for. This was the situation in Remi's choice. Remi had some very difficult decisions to make. I did not always agree with her choices, but I knew deep down who the right person was for her. 

One girl.
Two De Luca Bad Boys.
A love triangle that will keep you turning the pages until the very end!

Remi is the official babysitter of The De Luca Boys. One of the boys does not need any babysitting, but he's the one that gets her full attention. Every single time. Travis De Luca is a bad boy that gives her butterflies in her stomach and always leaves her breathless when they are in the same room. Even if he's almost two years younger than her, Travis is all grown up and ready to play. When is bad boy ways send him far away from home, Remi is devastated. Time passes and Remi is still thinking about Travis, but there is a new De Luca in town that makes heart beat faster. Kris De Luca is unexpected and a breath of fresh air in Remi's life. They grow closer together and form a strong bond. Life throws Remi a curveball when Travis comes back to town. Her feelings are all over the place and she's torn between two bad boys that will fight until the very end to claim her. Decisions will be made and hearts will be broken. Who will win Remi's heart?

I won't talk about who Remi ends up with. I don't want to give spoilers away. You need to pick up this book and be ready to read it in one sitting to find out who Remi will pick. While I was reading this book, I kept on changing my mind on who she should be with. I was cheering for her to make the right decision. To pick the man that would make her life complete. Travis and Kris are very different from each other. They both caught Remi's attention and she was extremely torn when it came to making a decision. She knew that no matter her decision, somebody was going to get hurt.

What I liked about this book is that I finally was able to step out of my comfort zone and read a love triangle story again. The last one that I read left me with a broken heart and I was never able to pick another book like that. Until now. I have to be honest and admit that some parts of the book I did not like. It was difficult to read some intimate scenes because in my heart I already knew who she should be with. And, I was mad at Remi because she knew it as well. This book is very sexy! The De Luca Boys are fine dirty talkers! The steamy scenes are *Fan Face* hot! I liked the story, the characters and was happy with the ending. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series :)


I give, Remi's Choice, by Amanda Wylde, 4 sexy, passionate, forbidden, follow your heart stars!

About the Author:

Amanda Wylde is an award winning hybrid author of dozens of titles, writing under a pen name to publish stories that give her the freedom to write simply for the love of writing. Stand back and enjoy an author who's possibly already one of your auto buys, push boundaries and step out of her comfort zone with stories she thought might not otherwise see the light of day. 

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