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Book Spotlight : Uninvited (Fate, #7) by Elizabeth Reyes

UninvitedFinal (1)
Fate, #7
by Elizabeth Reyes

Release Date:

May, 2016

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When Aiyanna Casilieris becomes stranded in a snowed in mountain cabin, the last thing she imagined was that she'd be welcoming a wickedly sexy intruder to keep her company. But within days, she's invited him to do so much more.

First instincts are usually right.

Falling for someone on the rebound is never a good idea. But Nathan Romero has never been one to pass up a harmless and meaningless good time. Even when it turns out the sexy stranger he's stranded with is a lot more innocent than he imagined.

Even before they're rescued, he finds himself asking for more time with her once they're out of there. As their relationship back in the real world intensifies, nothing surprises Nathan anymore. Not how fast things move between them nor even their talk of moving in together.

Anything too good to be true . . . always is.

Surrounded by friends and family who are all for the relationship despite it moving at lightning speed, Nathan couldn't be surer that what he's feeling for Aiyanna is the real deal. Things between them couldn't be more perfect. Until the unspeakable happens.

Could their love survive the most brutal of betrayals, especially when there's no denying it? Or was their rapid but perfect relationship really too good to be true? 

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Lindy's Thoughts:

The Fate Series has been a romantic series all about serendipity, and finding the person you were destined to be with.  For those romance readers that believe in soul mates, fate, and that there are no coincidences in life, you will love this series!  Uninvited was a bit different than the other books in this series.  There was more suspense, darkness, and plot twists at the end.

In this book of the Fate Series, we get Nathan Romero and Aiyanna "Anna" Casilieris' love story.  Nathan is still getting over the fact that the girl he was interested in, Kelli, ended up engaged to and pregnant with his older brother, Isaiah's baby.  Therefore, he decides to head to Aspen to spend the New Year away from his family, and with his buddies instead.

Anna was suppose to spend New Years in a romantic cabin with her new boyfriend Jace.  However, right before things got serious between them, she found out that he had slept with his ex-girlfriend.  Now, she is waiting on her best friend, Scott, to arrive and spend New Years at the cabin with her.

An unpredictable snowstorm of mega proportions lands Nathan and Anna together at the cabin.  As they wait the snowstorm out, they both discover a connection with one another, that neither have ever experienced with any one else.  However, Nathan makes it perfectly clear to Anna that he is not interested in a relationship.  While both Nathan and Anna agree to a temporary fling until the storm clears, they both realize they want much more from one another.  

However, Anna doesn't want Nathan to feel any pressure, and Nathan doesn't like the fact that Anna's best friend, is a male, and he is also one of her room mates.  When the snowstorm clears and Nathan and Anna decide to take a chance on love, there will be challenges, dangers, and manipulations that neither of them could have seen coming.  Will their relationship survive intact?

Uninvited got off to a slow start for me.  However, once Nathan and Anna left the Cabin, the plot picked up.  This story really kept me guessing.  Both of Anna's roommates seemed peculiar, and I understood why Nathan was suspicious of Anna's friends.  I myself wondered, are any of these roommates crazy or are they just odd?  It was fun putting the pieces together and trying to figure out the plot of the story.  There was a big mystery that I never saw coming, and it added an element of entertainment to Uninvited.

Together, Nathan and Anna's chemistry and physicality with each other sizzled, and continued to grow.  It was obvious that there was a reason that things didn't work out between Nathan and Kelli, because the way that Nathan and Anna seamlessly connected, outshone anything that he'd every experienced with Kelli.  

As per usual, one of my favorite aspects of the story was seeing all of the major and minor characters reunited.  I love the Romero and Moreno families so much, and always feel like I am a part of their circle.  The family continues to grow, and it's so special to me that I've got to experience every one of these characters lives from the very beginning.   
My Rating:

I give, Uninvited, by Elizabeth Reyes, 4 Fateful Encounter, Serendipitous and Passionate Connection, Obsession, Crazy Plot Twist Filled Stars!!!

Mikki's Review:

If there is one series that I absolutely love to revisit over and over again, it's the Fate Series by Elizabeth Reyes. The more books she adds to this series, the more her writing style captivates me. I'm a huge fan of this author and I have devoured every single book she has published. Uninvited was high on my list of most anticipated reads of 2016. Let me tell you that Elizabeth Reyes did a fantastic job with this book! It was so different from what she has written in the past. This book had twists and turns that left me speechless!

All the Romeros have stolen my heart and Nathan Romero is no exception! In this book, we get Nathan and Aiyanna's story. Nathan was introduced in the previous books of the Fate Series, but we really got to know him in His to Guard. I was really excited when the author announced that he was going to get his story next. My heart broke for him in His to Guard. I wanted him to find the perfect girl who would steal his heart. 

Two strangers.
One undeniable attraction that is simply too hot to resist.

The last thing Aiyanna Casilieris was expecting on her trip to Aspen was to meet Nathan Romero. She's taking this trip to forget about her boyfriend's betrayal. She just found out that he's been cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend. Because of a major snowstorm she's stranded in a cabin all alone. Until Nathan Romero shows up. She has mixed feelings about the sexy stranger that is stranded in the cabin with her. She feels a pull towards him that she can't deny, but he wants nothing to do with relationships. As Aiyanna and Nathan's time together at the cabin comes to an end, they both realize that they want to continue  seeing each other. The real world is full of surprises for Aiyanna and Nathan. Their new relationship is about to get tested in the most unexpected way. 

I was captivated by this book from beginning to end! From the moment that Aiyanna and Nathan met,  sparks fly. The chemistry between these two was so hot that it could have melted all the snow outside of their cabin! I'm not a huge fan of insta-love. I like slow-building romance novels, but sometimes I fall in love with insta-love romance novels as well. And Uninvited was one of them. Aiyanna and Nathan only knew each other for a few days before things got serious between them. When a Romero falls for a girl, he makes sure everybody knows who she belongs to. Aiyanna was a sweet heroine that I loved to cheer for. I loved how Nathan took care of his girl and even if there was trouble in paradise, you could really see that his love for Aiyanna was strong and real.  He's a dirty talking alpha male that you do not want to miss! The things he does and says to Aiyanna? *Fans Face*  

Like always one of my favorite parts is the special appearances by previous characters. It's always a pleasure to reunite with all the Morenos and Romeros. They are a bunch of amazingly intoxicating characters that will keep you turning those pages! If you have not read the previous books in this series, you might get a few minor spoilers from the other books. 

I highly recommend the entire series and trust me when I say that these books will make you feel all kinds of different emotions! These books have made me cry, left me livid a few times, made my heart burst with happiness and always left me with a smile on my face. Uninvited is a fantastic addition to the Fate Series and was filled with twist and turns. I did guess the major twist in this story, but it did not take anything away from my reading journey. Elizabeth Reyes writes some pretty awesome Epilogues. This one takes the cake with the twist that she added. I was like ''What in the freakin' world did just happen?!?!?'' Yup! That one was EPIC! Fantastic conclusion to the Fate Series!


I give, Uninvited, by Elizabeth Reyes, 4.5 passionate, thrilling, page-turning, captivating, be careful who you trust stars!

About Elizabeth Reyes

Award winning, USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel FOREVER MINE (MORENO BROTHERS #1) in 2010 she has since published seven more in that series, FOREVER YOURS, SWEET SOFIE, WHEN YOU WERE MINE, ALWAYS BEEN MINE, ROMERO, MAKING YOU MINE, and TANGLED with more stories about the Moreno family and their friends to come. She's also published a second series, 5th Street which includes, NOAH, GIO, HECTOR, ABEL. FELIX. Her Moreno Brother's spinoff series FATE includes FATE, BREAKING BRANDON, SUSPICIOUS MINDS and AGAIN (Sydney's story). Her debut traditionally published title is DESERT HEAT and her latest release is her first ever three part romance serial DEFINING LOVE.

When she's not writing (which is rare) she spends as much time as she can with her husband of almost twenty-one years, two young adult children, her Great Dane, Dexter and big fat lazy cat named Tyson. 

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