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Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway : Again (Fate #4) by Elizabeth Reyes

Fate, #4
by Elizabeth Reyes

Release Date:
August 3rd, 2015

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No regrets. Just lessons learned. 

Having lived through the torment of losing his first love to someone else—all because he never spoke up—Sydney Maricopa vowed never to repeat that mistake again. 

So when he finally admits he’s fallen for his new best friend, he refuses to lose her too, especially once he realizes his feelings for her might be requited. There’s only one problem. 

Her perfect boyfriend. 

Still, Sydney’s determined to fight for the girl he loves this time. He has what it takes to go up against Mr. Perfect. Most importantly, he and his new best friend have something even her boyfriend can’t compete with—their profound connection. One he intends to use to win her over. 

Until he finds out what she’d be giving up if she chooses Sydney. 

Something no one should ever give up. Would he dream of selfishly asking her to? Or should he do the honorable thing and sacrifice his own happiness for hers? Allow the girl he loves to sail off into the sunset with another man as he stands back and watches in agony . . .again?

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It took all of thirty seconds to figure out whose bed Sydney was in and whose gorgeous ass cheek was peeking out from just under satin sleep shorts. In the following seconds, the memory of what they’d done last night, while choppy, began coming to him. Against his better judgment, he’d agreed to come back to her apartment to finish celebrating their birthdays—safely. 

The faint ache of the headache he knew he’d have for the rest of the day, or at least all morning, made him squeeze his eyes shut. They flew open the instant he felt movement in the bed. 


She’d be up soon, and things would no doubt get awkward. His only saving grace was they were both dressed. Well, sort of. His shirt was unbuttoned, and visions of her playfully undoing the buttons while giggling, her mouth so close to his he could almost taste it, had him squeezing his legs together. It was bad enough he’d woken with his usual morning wood. This was not helping. 

The thin silk camisole and satin sleep shorts she’d slipped into last night after stripping out of what she’d called her frumpy work clothes left little to the imagination. Once again Sydney was assaulted with the visual of her perky tits with nipples so erect they practically tore through the fabric of the tight and almost see-through white camisole. The tiny shorts barely covered the swell of her plump ass. 

Squeezing his eyes shut, he muttered under his breath then threw the blanket she’d kicked off back over her. He had to before he had a full-blown throbbing erection like the one that had tortured him most of the previous evening. 

This wasn’t the first time he’d woken in the bed of someone who he hadn’t anticipated ending up with. But it was the first time he had with someone he considered a dear friend. He’d thought about what it would be like to have her under him far too many times; he’d just never anticipated it would ever happen, especially not like this. 

Sydney may’ve had a bit too much to drink last night, but he was nowhere as drunk as she’d been. He’d made sure he stayed in control. Things had gotten pretty intense—pretty damn heavy even—but luckily, drinking alcohol in excess as they had last night was a foreign concept to her. It was why he’d agreed to come back to her place initially. She’d already been pretty lit when they left the bar, and he was certain he was just bringing her home to make sure she passed out safely in her bed. He just hadn’t anticipated her being so persuasive and getting him to agree to hang out a little longer, getting playful, things getting heavy, and then his passing out with her. 

Just because he remembered the details didn’t mean she would. In fact, he was pretty certain she wouldn’t, and maybe that was a good thing. Now he wondered if he should even mention everything she’d done, said, and admitted last night when the liquor kicked in. He couldn’t be sure how she’d react, but he knew her well enough to know she’d be a little embarrassed, maybe even mortified. 

With that in mind, he considered the possibility of sneaking out. It seemed like an ideal plan. He could grab his things, slip out her bedroom sliding glass door, and then later he could call and ask how she was feeling. He’d say he made sure she got home safely then left and that was that. If she remembered anything, it would be even choppier than how he recalled it. She’d been close to passing out when she made one of her more profound admissions. She might even think she dreamed some of it. 

It was perfect and he slid out of the bed carefully—quietly. He began tiptoeing around the room, gathering his things: the shoes she insisted he take off and the tie she’d done a little dance with that lay on the floor now next to her three-inch heels. He’d forever have the visual of her prancing in those sexy-as-shit heels. 

Feeling his cock come alive again, he grabbed the tie, muttering to himself. “Just grab your shit and get out.” 

The sound of a knock in the front room made him freeze in place. His mind raced. Was that what he thought it was? A knock at her door? The doorbell rang this time, and she sat up, her eyes wide with confusion. She glanced around the room. Sydney watched her facial expression, catching the moment it all came to her, and she gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth. 

“Nothing happened,” he said in a loud whisper just as another knock followed at her door and he pointed. “Someone’s at your door. You expecting someone?” 

The moment he asked, it came to him: the charity walk she’d be doing this morning—with her boyfriend and the rest of her family and friends. 

She jumped out of bed, covering herself as if she were naked, but she was still in the attire she’d so audaciously pranced around in for him last night. 

“Sissy!” her sister called out, knocking a little harder. “You in the shower or something?” 

“We got you coffee.” Hearing her brother’s voice made his stomach drop even further. 

But what really gave his gut a kick was her boyfriend’s voice. “I got your favorite, babe, fresh poppy-seed muffins.” 

“Oh my God!” she gasped again, throwing on an oversized sweatshirt. 

Already one step ahead of her, Sydney finished picking up his other shoe and coat from the chair on the side of the bed. His wallet on her nightstand was a reminder of what he’d begun to consider last night. He would never take advantage of a girl, especially not a good friend. But with the way she was acting last night—the things she’d admitted in her inebriated state—he’d begun to think he might not be able to talk her out of doing what she’d been so hell-bent on doing. It’d been a moment of utter weakness on his part. For a fleeting instant, he’d considered that, if he couldn’t change her mind, he certainly wouldn’t reject her. The least he could do was make sure they used protection. Thankfully, it hadn’t come to that, but now here they were. 

“I’ll go out the sliding door,” he said just after she called out for her boyfriend and siblings to give her a minute. 

She nodded in frantic agreement. “I’m sorry,” she said in a hushed voice. 

“For what?” He stopped to look at her. 

“I don’t remember much, but I do remember I was the one who insisted we come back here. This is my fault.” 

Sydney shook his head, narrowing his eyes as he took one last look into those beautiful, anxious eyes. “Don’t worry about it.” He smiled. “If I hadn’t wanted to, I wouldn’t have. And for the record, you may not remember, but we had a good time. At least I know I did, but I’m pretty sure you did too.” 

Her face flushed and she smiled timidly, so different from her behavior last night. He almost laughed, but he didn’t. She looked embarrassed enough. 

She walked him to the sliding door where she thanked him again for understanding, squeezed his arm, and said she’d call him as soon as she got the chance. Sydney walked through the pool area and into the other side of their apartment complex. The entire way up the elevator and down the hallway to his apartment he was lost in thought. 

She’d shared with him last night some of the truths about her relationship with her man. Even if she hadn’t said it outright, her actions screamed far louder than any words she could’ve ever said. 

She wanted Sydney just as much as he wanted her. 

Had she meant everything she’d said? Or had it been just sexual desire brought out by the alcohol? No fucking way. He clenched his jaw. 

One thing he knew about his relationship with his best friend was that would never work. He’d never been one of those men, the kind that felt the need to stake their claim on the girl they loved—own her. He’d always thought the idea of such thinking was ridiculous, insulting to the girl. Even when he’d been married, he’d never felt he owned his wife. 

But last night changed everything. Seeing her the way he had and witnessing the fire in her eyes when she’d gotten a glimpse of the undeniable erection her dancing had given him—one so obvious even his slacks couldn’t hide it—he knew one thing. If he ever got his hands on that hot little ass—fucked her the way he thought he could only dream of doing—she’d be his. 

No if, ands, or buts about it. He finally understood that carnal need to claim the girl you loved and make sure everybody knew it. There’d be no looking back if they ever went there, so if she was thinking that’s all it could be, she was dead wrong, and he’d told her so. Unfortunately, he was sure she wouldn’t remember. That was when her last words came to him. She’d said them as he’d indulged her by pretending he was getting into bed with her, and he’d be holding her to them even if she didn’t remember because he’d seen the look in her eyes when she’d said them. Just as he had when he said them too, she meant them. 

Then she’d passed out. 

Sydney smiled. She was so beautiful even passed out. He hadn’t been able to tear himself away from lying by her side, staring at her—listening to her breathe—until he passed out too. 

He made it to the door of his apartment and reached in his pocket for his keys. Instantly, he felt the panic. He reached in his other pocket and searched his coat but felt nothing. Then it came to him. They were right where he’d put them down next to his phone on the table in her kitchen. 

His head fell back, knowing his sneaking out the back door had been all for nothing. As much as he wanted nothing more than to be with her now—make her his—she was still his dear friend, and he cared about her deeply. He’d never do anything to purposely cause problems or put her in an awkward position in front of her family, even if he knew the truth now about how she felt. Sydney’s keys and phone would be the first things her boyfriend would see sitting on her kitchen table. She’d already mentioned the guy wasn’t thrilled about her friendship with Sydney. 


Lindy's Thoughts:
I was counting down the moments when I could delve back in to the family and friend centered warmth of The Moreno and Romero families, because I know it will always be an emotional journey abundant in love, loyalty, caring, fun times, and realistic life challenges.  These characters have owned my heart from the time I read, Forever Mine, and as the years have passed, these families have matured, grown in size, and overcome a number of hurdles.  I have been blessed to be with these beloved characters throughout every step of their life journey's.

Again, is Sydney Maricopa's story.  We first met Sydney when he was a teenager, and got to know him as Sarah's best friend.  He has always been loyal to Sarah, and even fell in love with her, but Angel was her one and only true love.  Sydney is twenty-eight when the story begins, and hasn't had much success in the relationship department.  He has one divorce behind him, and always finds a reason why a girl he's seeing isn't the right one for him.  The largest reason being, he compares all women to Sarah, and finds them extremely lacking.  Nobody has every understood him, made him feel as comfortable, or enjoy their company as much as Sarah has.

Sydney ends up meeting his sweet, young, and innocent neighbor Emilia (Em), and finds himself very attracted to her. Unfortunately, she is only nineteen, and the age difference between the two of them is too great in his opinion.  Coincidence leads Sydney and Em to embark on a friendship. After a year, they have become best friends, spend a ton of quality time with one another, and have intense feelings that continue to grow daily.  However, they both do not want to risk there amazing friendship.  Especially, because Sydney is looking for a serious relationship, while Em is young and not looking for a serious commitment.  Once Sydney and Em end up in relationships with other people, feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, desire, and love for one another become magnified.  Obstacles are against Sydney and Em.  What will they do?

Again was such a marvelous reading experience.  I enjoyed reading about the strong friendship between Sydney and Em.  It was obvious that these two were soul mates.  They didn't have to try to fit together, they just did.  The sexual tension between them was pretty intense, and added to feelings of anticipation as pertaining to where it would all lead.  The friendships and family ties is one of my favorite aspects concerning the books Ms. Reyes writes, and Again was no different.  All of Ms. Reyes' characters are so richly crafted, and realistic.  They come to life right off of the page, and the author makes it look effortless.  The plot of the story kept me on my toes, and had one major twist.  For readers passionate about romance that includes three dimensional characters, a seamless plot, and a substantial story with depth and meaning, pick up any book by Ms. Reyes!

I give, Again, by Elizabeth Reyes, 5 Beautiful Friendship, Tear-Streaked Kindle, Passionate Love, Hooked & Addicted Stars!!!

Mikki's Review:
The latest installment of Elizabeth Reyes’ Fate series, Again, is a book that will deliver all the feels. I have been a fan of this author since the moment I read her first book, Forever Mine, and I never looked back. I have devoured every single book she has written since then. When I start reading one of her books, I know that I’m either reuniting with my fiction land family or that I will be making new friends. One thing is sure, it’s a guaranteed unforgettable reading escape EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. 

In Again we follow Sydney Maricopa, which is Sarah’s best friend from Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #1), and his new best friend, EG (Elevator Girl). I am not going to say who the heroine is in this book because I want readers to go into this story without knowing who will steal Sydney’s heart. If you have read the previous books from this author you will probably be happy dancing when you find out who it is … I know I did!!! Sydney and EG probably have the most EPIC LOL first encounter that I have ever read! Since the moment they meet there is a connection there, but they both go their separate ways. To Sydney’s surprise, he finds out that EG is connected in some kind of way to his best friend Sarah. After they ‘’officially’’ meet, they start talking and the rest is history. As days go by, their friendship grows into something more and sparks fly. Sydney is torn about his feelings for EG. She is everything he wants, but can’t have. Sydney is once again falling for his best friend, but will he get the girl this time around? 

When I found out that Sydney was getting his own book, I really did not know what to expect. I did like him when I read the previous books he was mentioned in, but I never really connected with him the way I did with the other characters from the Fate or Moreno Brother’s series. Nonetheless, I was positive that Elizabeth Reyes was going to make me fall for him. She always delivers when it comes to her characters. They always have this addictive personality that keeps you wanting to know more about them. As for the heroine, EG, I absolutely freakin’ loved her from the moment she started talking. There is a je-ne-sais-quoi about her that instantly caught my attention. I would totally get along with her in the real world ;) 

What I loved the most about this book is the friendship part of Sydney and EG’s relationship. It was beautiful to see them in love, but I was excited to read about the moments that got them to that happy place. The chemistry between these two is divine!!! You could feel the attraction that they had for each other when they were in the same room. I was cheering for this couple from beginning to end … Well almost. I’ll let you know about the almost part in a moment. There is an age different of about 8-9 years between Sydney and EG. I have no problem with that, but the main characters had some issues with it, especially Sydney. He wanted to walk away from what he was feeling for EG, but the truth is that he knew that EG was the one person who could make him happy for the rest of his life. There are many more obstacles along the way that made it difficult for Sydney and EG to finally admit their feelings for each other. EG had the perfect boyfriend and Sydney had a no string attached relationship that got on EG’s nerves. 

Sydney and EG’s love for each other is what got them through the difficult times. And, believe me when I say that there are some pretty heartbreaking times along this reading journey, which brings me to the ‘’Almost’’ part that I was mentioning before. Gah!!!! I don’t even know where to start!!! I’m still so freakin’ mad at Sydney!!!! Elizabeth Reyes always has a way to make me feel all kinds of different emotions while reading her books, but this time around she did the unexpected!!!!! She broke my heart into a million pieces!!!!! I’m not talking about the heart breaking that gets fixed after you finish reading the book. Noooooooooo!!! I’m talking about the heartbreak that still lingers around days after I have finished reading the book! I swear that I never saw it coming and then, Ba-Bammmmmmmm!!! I have never hated a character so much like I hated Sydney the moment those words came out of his mouth … How dare you!!!!! I’m getting all nervous just thinking about that one scene!!! Trust me when I say that you will want to deliver a couple of virtual slaps his way … he totally deserves them for what he did!!! 

All my drama aside, this story totally captivated me and the author made me feel like I was not only reading the story, but I was living it as well. If you have not read a book by Elizabeth Reyes yet, you are seriously missing out! Her stories are PHENOMENAL, her writing style is BRILLIANT and her characters are UNFORGETTABLE!!! I had fun check-in with the crew from the Fate and Moreno Brother’s series. These characters are like my family and every moment spent with them is a memory that I hold close to my heart. I highly recommend any of Elizabeth Reyes’ books, you will not be disappointed! 

I give Again, by Elizabeth Reyes, 5 exciting, page-turning, heart-pumping, chemistry filled, falling for your best friend stars!



Elizabeth is offering up the following prizes. The giveaway is international and will end on 08/07/15 at 11:59 PM CST. 

(3) Signed paperback of Again 
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About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 9 full length novels total and fast at work on the next. The excitement her Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, and Fate series have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she'll continue to put out books related to these series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon. 

In 2014 she will take her next step in the exciting world of writing and publish her first traditionally published book with Simon & Schuster/Atria. But she will continue putting out self-published books as well. 


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