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Book Review : Say Something ... (The Speak Series, #1) by T.A. Roth

Say Something...
The Speak Series, #1
by T.A. Roth

Release Date:
March 25th, 2015

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Twenty–two-year-old Ari Munoz prefers to keep men at an arm's length. So when her best friend Vonne guilts her into going to a frat party, she couldn't think of a worse way to spend her night. That's until she sparks the interest of love’em and leave’em Ben Rodriguez. She knows she shouldn’t trust him, but the electricity she feels when they lock eyes is something she's never felt before. 

Twenty-two-year-old Ben Rodriguez has it all, and his senior year marks the beginning of even bigger things to come. He's a football star, fraternity president, and his endless pick of beauties makes him the envy of all of his frat brothers. So why is a pair of long legs and hazel eyes making him want to throw out his rules? 

Ari has her secrets.

Ben has his rules. 

What happens when both your pasts threaten your future? 

Say Something... 

*This novel contains adult themes and language. 18+ please. This is book one in a series and contains a cliffhanger.*

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It's been awhile since I read a book that left me at the edge of my seat with a cliffhanger. I have been reading a lot of books that are from the same series, but that feature different couples. I wanted to mix things up a bit so I decided to read a book from my never ending TBR list. 

In Say Something, we follow Ari Munoz and Ben Rodriguez. This book has one of my favorite trope (Good girl falls for the popular guy) as long as the authors keep on writing these kinds of books, I'll be adding them to my TBR list. When Ari is dragged to a party by her friend Vonne, the last thing she expected was to catch the attention of Ben Rodriguez. He's everything she should stay away from, but he's intriguing and she can't deny the attraction between them. Ben has never wanted somebody like he wants Ari. She makes him feel things that he never felt before and every day he spends with her makes him want more. His reputation has a way of causing trouble between him and Ari. Will they be able to give their relationship a chance or will their pasts catch up to them?

The Speak Series is off to a great start! I had no problem connecting with Ari and Ben. The author wrote this book with different POV's, which is always a plus in my opinion. It makes it easier for me to connect with the characters and I understand their reactions and emotions better. I was expecting their romance to slowly grow, but these two fell hard for each other from the very beginning. A bit too fast in my opinion, but that did take anything away from my reading journey and the way I enjoyed this book.

Ari was a sweet heroine and I really liked her. She had her sweet side, but a little vixen was hiding under all that sweetness. She drove Ben wild in many occasions and it was fun to see her step out of her sweet/shy zone and go after her man! Ben was the typical popular guy. He's smart, sexy, he's a great friend and the ladies love him. He has these rules about the girls he dates. He's a no strings attached kind of guy, but when he meets Ari that quickly changes. Their chemistry is great and the author did a fantastic job with their story. The flashbacks from Ari's past and Ben's relationship with his mom broke my heart. They have both a difficult past and together they are trying to overcome the obstacles that keep on coming their way. The other characters that were included in the series were a great addition. 

The storyline was interesting and kept me turning the pages until the very end when it ended with that OMG!! WTF!!! Cliffhanger. I had made up my mind on what was going to happen while I was reading the story, but I have to admit that I never saw that coming!!!! OMG!!! My heart broke for Ari :( So the next book in this series comes out this fall and I can't wait to find out what in the world is going to happen!!! I'm so nervous!!!!!


I give Say Something, by T.A. Roth, 4 steamy, unexpected, troubled past, page-turning, falling in love for the first time stars!

About the Author:
I am a wife, and mother of two funny and crazy kids. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. When I’m not beautifying my clients as a stylist/makeup-artist at my day job you can find me reading, fangirling my favorite authors, or singing along to the radio. A year ago, I got the opportunity to read the debut novel of a then client, now friend, and something clicked. My “what the hell” attitude kicked in and a year later, here I am.


  1. I love a book that surprises me and I can even deal with a cliffhanger, when it has a WTF ending.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. What? You have a never ending TBR pile too? Must be a blogger thing. I knocked a few things off this summer but it never gets shorter. AND cliffhanger hell? Oh my.

  3. oh the story here sounds wonderful, especially the heroine. I love seeing the true spirit come shining forth. But boy Cliffhanger...I might just wait till the next book is out. Great review.


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