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Giveaway: Quiet Lies by R.L. Griffin

Quiet Lies 


R.L. Griffin 

Published November 12th 2015 
By Author Self Pub 
ARC For Review 

I was broken before I met Sebastian Pryor, but he decimated me. I swept the ashes of myself into a pile that I kept safe for thirteen years. Believe me it wasn’t pretty, oh but people thought we were perfect. I hate myself most days. I hate that I feel for him as much as I loathe who I’ve become with him. This story is hard to hear. You know what the worst part is? You’ll see part of you in me. You’ll hate that. You won’t tell anyone. 

My story is about cracks. A description or telling of how cracks in a marriage, a life, a personality, a heart and a mind begin and continue for years without anyone knowing. You don't always see what causes the fissure, but you feel it. Can you remember who you were before all of this started, before your life became a jumble of deceit, longing and regret? 

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a happily ever after. 

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a fun time out from their life. 

This book isn’t for anyone, but me. 

This is my story. I won’t apologize for it.

My Review of Quiet Lies

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Rebecca’s Letter

I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much as when I received your email. I didn’t get it this weekend because Bash came and he is trying to get me committed for good. He’s good at manipulating me, just like his dad. I have to get out of here. I have to leave him behind. He is killing me. 

Happy tears, I’m not sure I’ve ever had those. The spark that died in me when you were arrested just rekindled. I shouldn’t rely on you for my sanity. I don’t want to put that on anyone. I will travel to our place. I promise you I will get better.

Is that enough for you, that promise?

Do you need anything else from me?

You saved my life back then, you know that right?

I stood on the edge of ending things so many times and it was you that showed me I was worth saving. Your email did that again and I will save myself this time. I want to save myself for you.


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About the Author
R.L. Griffin lives in the Atlanta area and is surrounded by awesome dudes: her husband, son and two dogs. She went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law, but only after she fell in love with D.C. R.L. worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and wanted to stay. After law school, she worked for a bit in the area, then moved to Atlanta.  If you ask anyone who knows R.L., they know she loves reading and reads all sorts of books. Any free time she has she’s either reading, writing or drinking with friends.

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  1. I haven't heard about this novel, but it does sound exciting. I do like that cover though! Thanks so much for sharing :) Hope you been well! x Benish @ Beenazai


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