Monday, September 23, 2013

Brazen Mr. September Throwdown

The six heroes from this month’s BRAZENS are battling it out to be your Mr. September. Who gets your vote?

Each day this week the six heroes are stopping by some awesome blogs to answer both sexy and sweet personal questions, so you can really get a taste of what they’re like ;)  Each day you get to cast your vote, and at the end of the week one sexy hero will be crowned the winner of the #MrSeptember Throwdown!

Remember, each vote also counts as an entry for one of SIX prizes so be sure to follow along and vote every day to increase your chances of winning!  Visit Entangled in Romance for a recap on the awesome prizes! 

Now, to meet the men competing in the #MrSeptember Throwdown!

Whew! Hot, hot, hot - these men have definitely turned up the heat! 

Wicked Games by Samanthe Beck  (part of the anthology)

Seducing Mr. Right by Katee Robert  (part of the anthology)

Tempted by His Best Friend by Cari Quinn  (part of the anthology)

Protecting What's Theirs by Tessa Bailey  (part of the anthology)

Wicked Heat by Nicola Marsh 

Dirty Trick by Christine Bell 

Here are today’s questions for the men

Question #3: Cats or dogs?

Ian: Neither right now because my schedule wouldn’t be fair to a pet. But someday, both.

Grayson: I don't have time for pets, although if I had my choice, it would be a cat.

Trick: Cats always seem like they’re doing you a favor by sticking around so I gotta go with dogs. They don’t call them a man’s best friend for nothing.

Derek: Never had any use for pets, but lately I've been thinking of getting a guard dog. A big one. Just to give me that extra peace of mind when I'm working late and Ginger is home alone.

Jett: Dog. An Aussie Blue Heeler. Smartest dog on the planet.

Craig: Dog. I like straightforward affection, no questions asked.

Question #4: Describe your perfect first date:

Ian: Stacy Roberts flat on her back with her legs flung over my shoulders, screaming her lungs out while I demonstrate my ability to incapacitate a suspect with nothing but my tongue.

Grayson: If you'd asked me this a few months ago, it would be something with expensive food and a slow seduction of the senses. Now? Now, it's a coffee date full of laughter and teasing.

Trick: Me and my girl, at the beach on a summer night with a bonfire, an icy cooler full of beer and a bottle of red wine, a picnic basket full of cold fried chicken, a loaf of good bread, and a container of fresh strawberries. We’d just kick back, eat, listen to the waves, talk and laugh. Then, after dinner, we’d go for a skinny dip. *slow grin* Yeah. That’s perfection.

Derek: A good meal, somewhere I can look at her in the candlelight. Ideally, I like somewhere that at least gives the illusion of intimacy. I don't want another table close enough to mine that they're able to hear the words I'm seducing her with. Oh, and I like the restaurant close to home. When the need for her gets to be too much, I need to be ten minutes from our bed.

Jett: Cooking for her at my place in Bondi. Walk on the beach afterward. Talking and flirting and laughing over a late night latte at my favorite ocean-side café. I like informal, relaxed first dates and just going with the flow.

Craig: Honestly? Watching a horror movie, eating popcorn and laughing at stupid jokes. If I can't laugh with a woman, all bets are off.

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  1. Nice! I have to say Craig is my early favorite. Thanks for sharing!


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