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Book Review: Shade's Lady (Reapers MC #6.5) by Joanna Wylde

Shade's Lady
Reapers MC #6.5

Joanna Wylde

March 14, 2017

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GR's Summary:

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club… 

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me. 

Or maybe not. 

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me. 

Right from the first.

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My Thoughts:

The Reapers MC is my absolute favorite biker series!  I love Joanna Wylde's steamy style of writing so much!  I'm always anticipating the next book in the series, because I have loved every single book thus far!

Shade's Lady is a Reapers MC standalone novella.  Shade is the National President of the Reapers MC.  The moment his eyes land on Mandy, he knows that he has to have her.  However, Mandy is in a relationship with another biker; one that she suspects may be cheating on her.  

Mandy is currently living with her sister Hannah, helping with the financial support and care of her nieces.  Hannah's ex-husband is a drug dealer and a danger to them all.  Mandy's boyfriend makes a deal with Shade that lands Mandy in an interesting predicament.

At first, Mandy is determined to resist the attraction that she feels toward Shade.  However, he is very determined and persistent in making Mandy his.  Soon Mandy realizes what a loyal, strong, protective, caring, and irresistible man Shade is.

Shade's Lady was filled with sexual tension, combustible chemistry, and swoon-worthy moments.  The action-packed danger and suspense added to the storyline, and made me want Shade and Mandy together even more!

Even though this story was a novella, it did not feel rushed in any way.  I was left very satisfied, with the character and plot development, as well as the ending of the story.  Fans of the Reapers MC Series will enjoy this little novella!       

My Rating:

I give, Shade's Lady, by Joanna Wylde, 4 Sexy Strong Biker Filled Stars!  Romance readers, this was one very steamy wild ride!!!

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About Joanna Wylde:

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

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Book Review: Until I'm Yours (The Bennetts #4) by Kennedy Ryan

Until I'm Yours
The Bennetts #4

Kennedy Ryan

Release Date:
Feb. 2, 2016

Forever Romance

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GR's Summary:

The world knows her face . . .

Mean girl. Goddess. Bitch. Supermodel Sofie Baston has earned those labels . . . yet they don't scratch the surface of who she really is. Before she can follow her own dreams, Sophie must do her daughterly duty and reel in a "fish" for her father's business-a tall, brown-eyed entrepreneur who immediately hooks her. He's a big guy with an even bigger heart . . . but will that heart be open to Sofie once her darkest secret is revealed?
. . . but only one man knows her heart

To Trevor Bishop, Sofie is a beautiful mystery he would gladly spend his life solving. He figures her tough demeanor is armor against a world that's hurt her too many times. Then Sofie's deepest wounds are reopened by the powerful, ruthless man who made them. When she musters the courage to take him down, her world shatters. Now Trevor is determined to help Sofie pick up the pieces so they can build a future together. The challenge will be convincing his ice princess that it's safe to melt in his arms . . .

The Bennetts

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Passion and Fire Collide

I was hoping this book would come!! I knew there was more to Sofie and I knew Ryan could deliver. I have been following Kennedy Ryan’s books for a very long while and I can honestly say the Bennett series has been my favorite. The closing of a beloved series is always bitter sweet because you want to know what happens to everyone but it’s sad because it means the end. Ryan’s books always play out in my head like 4K ultra quality. She manages to take word and create crisp clear images in her readers mind but the magic doesn’t stop there…Ryan adds an element of emotion that bleeds through the pages.

The Story, we are following Sofie grade A jerky beautiful butt. Isn’t funny though often times the meanest people are the ones who need a hug the most? Sofie grew up with Walsh(My Favorite!) but her parents warped and manipulated her into believing her only task in life was to marry and continue the Bennett empire. King and Queen at the top but something happens to her that shakes her foundation and she takes on a different path. Fast forward to present day even though her family lacks kindness she tries to be dutiful. Meeting Trevor was unexpected but very welcome not shy Sofie takes to task. Suddenly the past crashes into her life and she ones again is thrown off kilter. Intrigued by something that he sees Trevor begins to unravel the puzzle that is Sofie Baston. I loved the chase and development of this installment I cannot say I’m surprised though because this is what I’ve come to expect from this all star author.

The Characters, as I mentioned before Sofie has a difficult situation growing up. Several events from her past have been catalysts that resulted in the person she became. The reader gets to see a very special part of Sofie that the rest of the world does not. She has always been labeled and regardless of the negativity she made her own way and succeeded. Trevor was swoon worthy! Giving and wanting to change the world he meshed well with Walsh and reminded me quite a bit of him as well. Trevor quite successful in his own right has always had a gift to see what a person is really about pretty quickly. He is a hard charger and does not give up easily. Every quality he posses is one Sofie truly needed in a person. We see some cameo’s from our favorite characters of books past. Some pretty great and some not so much but understandable given the situation.

The End, beautiful and sweet the epilogue was perfect and a culmination of all the things I wanted for Sofie and Trevor. I loved the HEA. Some things remained difficult but a difficult life doesn’t transform to perfection with a snap of the fingers. Trevor was perfect for Sofie and the growth he brought out of her was wonderful to see. As I mentioned earlier her past is full of pain and she let that pain rule and define her. Once she found her fire and confronted the monsters of the past she was able to soar above everything and everyone. I loved getting to know Sofie’s inner workings and seeing her fight and figure everything out was fabulous. Until I’m Yours can be read as a standalone but seriously do yourself a wonderful service! Pick up these books now.

My Rating

4.5 These books have been wonderful get away reads chalk full of love and romance that will stay with you filled stars!

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About Kennedy Ryan:

I just can't write about myself in third person for one more bio! I'm a wife, a mom, a writer, an advocate for families living with autism. That's me in a nutshell. Crack the nut, and you'll find a Southern girl gone Southern California who loves pizza and Diet Coke, and wishes she got to watch a lot more television. You can usually catch me up too late, on social media too much, or FINALLY putting a dent in my ever-growing To Be Read list!

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Excerpt Reveal : Preppy, Part Three: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater (King,#7) by T.M. Frazier @TM_Frazier @jennw23

Preppy, The Life
& Death of Samuel
Part Three
King Series, #7
by T.M. Frazier

Release Date:
April 26th, 2017


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The bowtie is BACK! 

Dre was just a beautiful stranger when Preppy saved her the first time around. Now, he has to save her again, but she's no longer some stranger, she's family, and he has no idea who or what he's up against. 

What he does know is that putting his family back together is the only acceptable outcome. 

Preppy's to-do list? SAVE FAMILY. SEEK REVENGE. 

He's alive...and he's out for BLOOD. 

Preppy Part Three is the third book and conclusion of Preppy and Dre's story. It's also the 7th book in the King Series, which should be read in order starting with KING & TYRANT.

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Preppy Part One 
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 Preppy Part Two 
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Excerpt 18+:

Preppy placed his other hand behind my neck, pulling me closer. “Dre, when I look at you, when I touch you. I love you so much it fucking HURTS,” he said against my neck, the vibration of his words had my nipples standing at firm attention all over again. 

“I don’t want you to hurt,” I said, although I knew exactly what he meant because I felt the same. I had so much love for him it made my chest swell to the point where I thought I might break inside. Preppy looked down between us to where his swollen cock bobbed with his every move. The head thick and purple, throbbing and glistening at the tip, dripping with his own need. “No, Doc, it hurts, but it’s the best kind of pain.” Preppy’s eyes were half-lidded. A devilish smirk played on his lips. “Look, it hurts so bad even my cock is crying.” 

I returned his smile, looking up at him through my lashes. I licked my lips. Preppy groaned, placing his hands on both sides of my head, running his fingers through my hair. I pushed him to his back and crawled down his body, giving a quick lick to the tip of his cock, which pulsed in response. I watched his expression darken as he watched me kiss and lick my way around his thick shaft. “Fuck,” he cursed. “What are you doing to me, woman?” 

“If your cock’s crying, then I’m licking the tears away,” I said, taking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue around to taste his salty pre-cum. I moaned, the sound shot straight between my legs. Preppy dug his hands into my hair deeper, pulling, holding me with more force. His abs flexed as I took more and more of him into my mouth, lightly sucking as I circled my lips around the soft skin of his extremely hard shaft. I pulled back and softly blew on his wet cock. All the muscles in his arms tensed. His hips bucked into the air. His mouth fell open as he gazed down at me with a lust filled expression I know mirrored my own. “Any better?” I asked, wrapping my hand around the base of his shaft. 

Preppy shook his head. “No, not better. I think it’s fucking worse,” he ground out, looking as if he were in pain. 

“How so?” I asked, stroking him from root to tip with a slight twist at the top. Preppy hissed. “Because I want to fuck you again, but now I also don’t ever want my cock to be anywhere besides that beautiful mouth ever again. Those fucking red lips. Jesus fucking Christ, Doc. I thought I’d already died, but you’re the one killing me.” 

“You mean like this?” I asked, taking him into my mouth again. Further this time. Preppy had a monster cock and although I used to think he was joking when he said that it was the honest truth. There was no way I’d be able to take all of him but I did the best I could, taking him until the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. Giving him all I could because I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. 

“Holy fucking, shit,” Preppy groaned, holding onto the ground for support with one hand, the other still fisted in my hair. The next few sentences that came out of his mouth were incoherent because I began to slide him out and then back again, using my hand on the part of his shaft that my mouth couldn’t reach. Over and over again I stroked and sucked him with my tongue, squeezing him with my lips and hollowing out my cheeks so my mouth was wrapped as tightly around him as possible. 

I used my other hand to reach around him and squeeze his ass cheek, pulling him in closer, holding him to me. I released him and pulled him back again, letting him know it was okay to move. He nodded, and bit his bottom lip, watching as he began to thrust his hips upward into my mouth then slowly pulling back out, groaning as he repeated the motion. 

Over and over again he thrust forward and pulled back. I braced myself with my other hand on his ass and again he held my head with both hands as he fucked my mouth. Harder and harder until tears were flowing down my cheeks. I watched as the cords in his neck strained with his every movement. I felt his ass muscles tense and watched as his entire body tightened and his cock hardened in my mouth before spurts of warmth shot from him, deep into my throat. Preppy threw his head back and in the sexiest most animalistic roar he came and came and came until I thought I couldn’t swallow one more drop of his salty release. 

He pulled out of me and collapsed onto the floor without pulling his pants back up. He pulled me down with him and wrapped his arms around my back. “I think I just broke a promise to you,” he panted, trying to catch his breath. Our chests heaving together in unison. 

“What promise?” I asked, confused. 

He tucked me in closer, laying a palm over my breast. “The one where I said I wouldn’t die again,” he chuckled. “‘Cause, Doc, I’m pretty sure you just fucking killed me.”  


About the Author:

T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter. 

When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. 

Well…it has a beach in it! Her latest works include her USA TODAY BESTSELLING KING SERIES and All the Rage.