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Book Review: Heartland (True North #7) by Sarina Bowen

True North #7
By: Sarina Bowen
Published: January 28, 2020
Source: eARC from the author in exchange for a honest review
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An emotional friends to lovers romance full of risky secrets and late-night lessons in seduction. 

Dylan is my best friend, and the only person in my life who understands me. He doesn’t mind my social awkwardness or my weird history. The only glitch? He doesn’t know that I’ve been hopelessly, desperately in love with him since the first day we picked apples together in his family’s orchard. But I know better than to confess. Now that we’re both in college together, I’m seeing a new side of him. College Dylan drinks and has a lot of sex. None of it with me. 

Until the night I foolishly ask him to tutor me in more than algebra…and he actually says yes. But the cool morning light shows me how badly I’ve endangered our friendship. And I don’t know if anything will be the same again.

My Thoughts:

Heartland is the first book that I've read in the True North Series, and even though I jumped in to this series with book 7, I had absolutely no problem following along in the story, as it was a standalone.   I enjoy the friends to lovers trope and was really excited to dive in to Chastity and Dylan's story after reading the blurb, and seeing the book cover.

I loved Chastity's character.  She was reserved, yet strong, and brave.  She had escaped a cult a few years back, which left her naive in the typical ways of society.  I loved watching her growth, as she found her voice, and learned how to go after what she wanted.   

Dylan didn't believe in relationships.  He was bored easily, and went from girl to girl.  Yet, through all of his flings, he had a deep emotional connection to Chastity.  They were best of friends and he treasured her.  Dylan looked out for her, tutored her in Algebra, and I loved the way these two interacted with one another.  

Chastity had a huge crush on Dylan, but he was clueless to her feelings towards him.  Even though Dylan was attracted to her, he put his feelings aside, because he didn't want to risk ruining their friendship or hurting the person he cared about the most.  However, when Chasity asks Dylan to tutor her in more than Algebra, or else she'll ask someone else to do it, he can't resist.  After all, he can't stand the idea of Chastity being with anyone else...

Heartland was a fun and sweet romance.  I enjoyed spending time with Chastity and Dylan, and loved that I got their dual points of view.  You could see how much they cared about each other and that they were in love with one another from the beginning.  Whether Dylan was patiently teaching Chastity Algebra, or they were spending hours making caramels and enjoying each other's company, it was plain to see that they were meant to be.

Some of my favorite parts of the story was when Chastity's surrogate family, Leah, Issac, and Maeve, and Dylan's family, The Shipley's, were all together!  I cherished the warmth, camaraderie, down home cooking, laughter, and love that these two family's had for Chastity, Dylan, and one another. I am looking forward to Dylan's sister, Daphne, getting her own story.  We can see that she is going through something, and in emotional turmoil.  I really liked her character, and am looking forward to her getting a happily ever after. 

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About the Author:

Sarina Bowen is the award-winning author of more than thirty contemporary novels. She has hit the USA Today bestseller's list thirteen times and counting. Formerly a derivatives trader on Wall Street, Sarina holds a BA in economics from Yale University. 

Sarina is a New Englander whose Vermont ancestors cut timber and farmed the north country since the 1760s. Sarina is grateful for the invention of indoor plumbing and wi-fi during the intervening 250 years. On a few wooded acres, she lives with her husband, two boys, and an ungodly amount of ski and hockey gear. 

Sarina's books are published in a dozen languages on four continents.


  1. I am glad this was a sweet and cute romance, because it needed to be for Chasity after all she had been through.

    1. I agree, and I can't wait for you to read it Sam :)

  2. This sounds like a great winter weekend read! Wonderful review!

  3. Looks like an interesting book.
    Thanks for the review. 

  4. I saw another good review for this one, it looks good

  5. I really loved this one! I've been waiting for Dylan's story and this didn't disappoint. He could be clueless but I loved him anyway. :) And Chastity was so sweet and also so brave. I loved seeing her come into her own. Seeing all the Shipley's (and friends) together was some of my favorite parts, too. I've loved this entire series and it always feels like visiting old friends. :)

  6. Oooh Chastity sounds like my kind of girl! I love reading about those who’ve struggled out of cults and are socially awkward. This looks cute. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  7. I've seen a lot of love for this one, and I've enjoyed Sarina Bowen's writing in the past. Must catch up with this series! :)

  8. Very relevant themes in this book from what I see. Nice review!


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