Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Reading Challenges

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2020 New Release Challenge
I am committing to New Release Pro, which is to read a minimum of 31-60 New Releases!  I think it will help me to stay accountable for reading all of the eArcs that I request, as well as all of the new books I purchase.

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2020 Reading Assignment Challenge
The spring semester is January 1st to May 9th, and these are the classes that I have signed up for:

Professor AuthorLuv Beginner Class (Credits: 1)

I am committing to reading 1 book a month for 4 months by Siobhan Davis, because she is an author I discovered last year and I enjoyed reading her stories.

Professor Genre Beginner Class (Credits: 1)

I am committing to reading 1 book a month for four months in the New Adult genre.

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This is a challenge I'm contemplating.  It sounds like so much fun, and helps readers to read a variety, but it's a big commitment.     Basically, you have your choice between two different Romanceopoly Boards.  You can do one or both boards.  You can either roll the dice to see what type of book you're going to read next or go from square to square.  The objective is to complete the whole board, which has a variety of genres, tropes, and themes, and then you choose a book that fits what you landed on.  The hosts have created multiple graphics, organizers, lists with recommendations, and even have a youtube video explaining the challenge.

2020 Goodreads Challenge
I am committing to reading 100 books this year!


  1. God luck with your challenges. I will be joining you on the New Release Challenge.

  2. Love that its a game and a challenge. Good for you-trying something new!

    1. That's why I was drawn to the challenge! Plus, Monoply is one of my favorite games :)

  3. These all seem like great reading challenges. I have to say this year I'm tempted to join one but I'm not sure yet. Good luck with your reading challenges.

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews

    1. I know what you mean! There are so many fun looking challenges out there, that it's hard to narrow it down.


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