Saturday, June 8, 2019

Stacking the Shelves & Sunday Post (42)

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This week, my husband and I took our daughter on vacation.  I was a little worried because she was on her second week of Flagyl (really strong antibiotics for major gut issues.). We had a lot of medical testing done on her, and the tests showed deficiencies in all of her vitamins and minerals, an excess of bad bacteria (SIBO), ammonia, yeast and strep, (all in the gut). Her blood work showed elevated white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells, so we're seeing a pediatric hematologist next week.  She hadn't been eating much, and had been crying a lot.  

Being severely autistic and non-verbal, we have to constantly guess, but at least now we have some answers.  It seems like the antibiotics helped, because she' had more energy, has been happier (interspersed with less crying episodes), and is eating more.  We had already scheduled our vacation (time off rom work, hotel, theme park tickets, etc., and I was thinking of canceling it, but my husband thought it would be a good distraction for our daughter.  So we decided to take a chance on vacation, but stay flexible knowing we might have to just relax in the hotel or go home if things didn't work out.

We checked into our hotel on Monday, spent all day and night at Knott's Berry Farm on Tuesday, went sightseeing on Wednesday, and went to Disneyland on Thursday.  She loved Disneyland and didn't stop smiling, laughing, or running from ride to ride.  It brought me a lot of joy to see our daughter being a kid, and enjoying life.  Those are the moments I live for.  We got back home in the wee hours Friday morning, rested for a while and then did all our laundry, grocery shopping and errands.  Saturday, we took our daughter to her swim lessons. She loves the water! Needless to say it was a really busy week, but it went by way too fast!  I didn't get to do much blogging or visiting my fav. blogs, since we were so busy, but am looking forward to stopping by and visiting.

For those that have read Ilona Andrews, what is your favorite series?  I want to start another series since I loved Hidden Legacy.  I read Cruel Intentions by Siobhan Davis and it was so good!!!  My tour stop is next week, and if you enjoy Dark Romance, I highly recommend it!  So I decided to check out another book by her, and bought No Feelings Involved. 

Have any of you read the Wildcats Series by Rachel Vincent?  I though it looked good....

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  1. Your vacation sounds awesome, and how cool that your daughter had such fun, and could forget being sick for a while. I hope the antibiotics really help and she feels better.

    I've read a couple Rachel Vincent books but not Wildcats. I do like her writing though!

  2. I'm glad you had some vacations like that. Your book is new to me. Happy reading!

  3. So glad your vacation ended up working out! It would be tough and worrisome to not know exactly what's wrong when she's upset, so my heart goes out to you! Glad to hear your daughter had fun at Disneyland.

    LOVE Kate Daniels! If you haven't read that then I'm jealous you get to experience it from the beginning. The first book is the weakest, but every book after gets better and better. If you do audiobooks, the first book Renee Raudman didn't narrate the male voices well, not sure what happened, but after that she does amazing! She IS Kate to me now. She also started a new spinoff from Kate Daniels, but you need to read the KD series first. I LOVE the spinoff! Also, Innkeepers and The Edge series, they're a bit connected so I'd read The Edge first.

  4. Awwww sounds like she had so much fun!! I hope her gut heals up. I can't help but joy when my nephew is like that... all happy and smiles and so much boundless energy.

    I love Andrews Edge Chronicles! ❤️ Happy reading Lindy!!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that your daughters been having so many issues with the medicine. Glad you all had such a great time at Disney!! Also, congrats on so many great reads this month!

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews

  6. Glad the doctors were able to make your daughter more comfortable. It sounds like the poor girl was feeling terrible. I love hearing about how happy Disneyland made her (I smiled a lot there too)

  7. So glad your daughter is dong better, how scary! Hope she continues to get better and they find answers for her.

  8. glad to hear everyone enjoyed the vacation. water always has a special place in my life. i hope things continue to improve for your daughter.
    sherry @ Sunday Memes

  9. Oh yes. The Kate Daniels series. Curran is amazing. So is Kate. That's my favorite by them.

    Yay for an awesome vacation and the kidlet feeling better. Good things, indeed!

  10. That is wonderful that her anti-biotics kicked in and she could have a super vacation. I loved Knottsberry Farm as a kid! Forgot about that.
    Love that you all had a fun time.

    Oh yes, you can't go wrong with more Ilona Andrews. I love both Kate Daniels and Innkeeper Chronicles for different reasons. The Edge series is good and I still need to finish the last two, but I think it is just shy of the others.

    Looking for your thoughts on the other one you really enjoyed.

    Have a great recovery week, Lindy!


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