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Excerpt Hop/Reveal & Giveaway : Collateral Damage (Limelight, #3) by Elisabeth Grace

Elisabeth Grace's COLLATERAL DAMAGE releases February 19th and we've got a sneak peek (and a giveaway!) for you! 

Are you ready to meet Calder?

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Hollywood It Girl, Francesca Leon, has just landed the biggest role of her career…one that could clinch an Oscar nomination and open doors. If she’s going to move her career to the next level and work with top directors, she has to nail this part — and keep her sexy, but unreliable leading man from screwing everything up. 

Team Calder 

Bad boy Calder Fox is the son of Hollywood royalty and fresh out of rehab after his best friend’s death sent him on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol. While his fans still love him and the paparazzi stalk him, he’s never taken life, or anything about his career, seriously. He may be charming and drop-dead gorgeous, but if he doesn’t stay sober, he could ruin Frankie’s future and expose her long-hidden family secret to the voracious media. 

Behind the scenes 

Things heat up during filming and have the potential to become hotter, deeper, and much more real. But can Frankie trust Calder with her secret? Or is he doomed to sabotage his own happiness yet again? 

COLLATERAL DAMAGE releases February 19th 

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Excerpt - Day 5

“What the hell, Brock?” I ground out through clenched teeth. I wasn’t able to get a moment alone with my manager until we’d arrived at the after-party. 

He held his hands up in front of him in defense. “I didn’t know anything about it until right before you hit the carpet.” 

“I cannot work with Calder f*cking Fox. He’s going to tank this production—you and I both know it.” 

Now his hands were in front of him in a placating gesture. “Come on now, Frankie, calm down a bit. He needs this film to be a success just as much as you do.” 

“That might be the case, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be able to stay clean long enough to make that happen.” 

“Look, production is all set to start next week. The studio needed someone to fill in that had heartthrob potential and was available on short notice so they wouldn’t lose all the money they’ve already put in.” 

I clenched my fists until my nails were digging into my palms. “I hate that my future is riding on this guy.” 

Brock pressed his lips together. “I know it’s less than ideal. But what choice do we have but to make it work?” 

He was right and that’s what really pissed me off. I was going to have to do whatever was necessary to make sure Calder got through this shoot, clean and sober. I closed my eyes and let out a long exhale, then grabbed my drink off a nearby table, slamming the remainder back in one big gulp. “I need another one. I’ll be back.” I didn’t wait for a response, instead stomping off toward the bar, hoping to lose myself in the blissful oblivion of an alcohol-induced buzz. 

The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on me.


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