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Discussion Post (6)

Contemporary Vs. Paranormal... 
 Which is your favorite? Why? What are some of your favorite books in that genre?

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I go through different phases when I read books. Sometimes all I want to read is one type of book, and then six months later, I want to read another type of genre. 2011 was all about paranormal books for me. That's all that I wanted to read. Then 2012, I was leaning toward contemporaries. In between I've been in love with reading dystopians/post-apocalypse, fantasies, horror, etc. So, to answer this question. I would have to say... It all depends on my mood! However, overall, out of all of the genres, contemporary and paranormal are my two favorite's. In contemporary novels, I enjoy reading about real world situations, going through the feelings of first falling in love, relating to the characters, and thinking to myself, "what would I do in this situation?" In paranormal books, I enjoy visiting a new place, or a new world, and reading about people with supernatural powers and or/magic. It is fun to escape to a new place, and use your imagination to visualize all that a paranormal book has to offer. My favorite paranormal books usually include one of the following: Angels, Fallen Angels, Nephilium, Reapers, Demons, Casters (Witches/Warlocks), Shadow-Hunters, Vampires, and Shape-Shifters!

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Okie Dokie let me start off by telling y'all...If being a hippie didn't involve using illegal drugs or having a general dislike towards showering...I'd definitely be one! ;)  K, having said that...

I LOVE any book that's good!  lol!  To me, as it's stated in my bio, if a character can make me feel for them, and the general story is something  appealing,  then I'm all in!  The stronger my feelings, the more I'll enjoy the book...I LOVE the virtuous, I'm always...ooh, correction *generally always ;)* on the good guys team.  I love characters that have good hearts and sometimes I like to defend the ones that are a little broken/misunderstood. When some one asks me to pick which Identical twin kitten is cuter well... I simply can't!  So Para vs Contemp...Hmm, thats like:

 "What am I gonna get at Starbucks today?"
Venti, Quad, Iced, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato, xtra carmel, 
a Venti, Quad, Non-Fat, no Whip, White Chocolate Moca? *don't get me started on the seasonal flaves ;)* I love BOTH!!!! Here's why


Usually action packed! 
I like action

Supernatural beings!
I like supernatural beings, Angels ofc are my Fav ;)

Totally awesome world building!
I like totally awesome worlds.

Characters doing  amazing things! 
I wish I could fly and be beautiful forever while kicking butt and taking numbers ;) or Cast spells or Save Souls. Heck, it would even be really cool to sparkle in the sunlight!

Visiting a different world!
Stargate anyone?  I LOVE THAT SHOW!  Who wouldn't want to visit a different world from time to time? Paranormal Books are my Stargate, they let me travel to an entire other place. AH-MAZE-BALLS!  *sing song voice*


I.LOVE...LOVE. Heck, I've even talked about it on TV. Love is awesome!

I like people...ooh correction *most people* I try not to judge but when I hear about a SANE mother hurting their child...I JUDGE...I JUDGE HARD... Sometimes I want to JUDGE them in their FACE!..
I Never wish ill, (justice/yes), (ill /no), (ill= death). However, I can't help but develop a stronger than "general" dislike towards them. Dislike becomes more like disdain or despise...Sorry might not be my business but Sh** like that hurts my heart...OMG talk about a rant! 


I'm a runner and I enjoy working out, if a character does that then I'm like hey me too...We could be besties;)

Plausible Situations
I might meet a super sexy multi-gazillion/trillion/ billionaire that will fall in love with me and take me to dinner in another state by flying his own Helicopter ;)
Okay your right that won't happen...I'm already spoken for. ;)

Actual Humans doing Humanly things;)
School, Work, Falling in love, going to the Beach, Shopping, Falling in Love, Chatting it up w/ friends, having fun and ofc my fav, Falling in Love.

The Punchline
Sometimes I feel like a Mocha sometimes I don't... irregardless *double-super regardless* 
I love both Paranormal and Contemporary

Laters Babes

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My favorite books are Contemporary Romance, and anything with a good mystery involved in it. As far as paranormal goes, I am very picky about what kind of paranormal book I will read. Contemporary Romance is my favorite because I love going back to the beginning of a relationship. Elizabeth Reyes, Jessica Sorenson, Nyrae Dawn, Abbi Glines, and many more come to mind. With all the wonderful authors we have in Contemporary YA, New Adult, and other Romance, I have a lifetime of books lined up on my TBR list!!! The excitement and thrill of falling in love for the first time, the first kiss, the first touch. There is nothing like it! It takes me go back to when I fell in love with my husband, and the excitement of a new relationship, wanting to call each other, and see each other every day. That first glimpse of them coming down the walkway towards you, the smell of their cologne. Wow, that is it for me... 

When I think of Paranormal, my favorite kind of Paranormal is reading about witches, and Shape-Shifters. Anne Rice can weave a story like no other when it comes to witches, and The Witching Hour got me hooked. What an amazing book!!! This was a saga filled with history, intrigue, and wonderful mystery. It will stay one of my favorite books forever. My most recent author I am thrilled about is Jennifer Snyder. The Hereafter, started me on the road to falling in love with reading about Reapers! That is a new one for me. The first Shape-Shifters I read about were in the Twilight Series, with Vampires. I don't like just any vampires, but Stephanie Myer, and Travis Luedk in the Nightlife Series, know how to make it feel real.

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  1. Thanks for the great post! I have to say that I lean towards paranormal or fantasy or sci fi or dystopian rather than contemporary-- but like you guys said, if it's good, I'll read it. For example, If I Lie by Corrine Jackson was probably one of my favorite books last year-- it was AMAZING.

    Christina @ Ensconced in YA

    1. I haven't read, If I lie. Since it was your favorite last year, I will be checking this book out! Thanks for stopping by Christina :)

    2. OOOOh!!! That sounds interesting!! Lin and I are working on a never ending eternal TBR ;)

    3. Christina,
      Thank You for stopping by our comment post! I will definitely be checking out your recommendation for If I Lie.

      Happy Reading...


  2. My Favorite is Contemporary!! I love it and I can always read it. I like that it has doses of reality & usually has a romance aspect as well.
    I do enjoy Paranormal as well, but it is a genre I read every now and then. If I read too many, too close together I get burnt out of them.

    Have a great week!

    1. I totally know what you mean I hear people say they bet burned out by too much paranormal!! I guess i'm just a weirdo with visions of Angels dancing in my head ;)

    2. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank You for taking the time to comment on our discussion post, it is truly appreciated!!!

      I'M with you. Contemporary anytime for me, Paranormal only once in a while...

      Hope to hear from you again!


  3. I love both. I usually pick my book according to my mood :)

    Every book deserves a chance to be discovered. So many talented authors, so little time :P

    Great post Ladies!


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